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Time is of the essence to any Contractor and other professionals in the construction industry as they have different projects they’re handling at any given point in time. Therefore, many are gradually gravitating toward the beam and block slab technology, because of the many benefits it allows them. Talk of ready stock for delivery, fast and easy installation, and technical support from our able team of professionals who work hand in hand with our clients to ensure structural integrity.

Bean and block


The use of Beam and Block on commercial buildings, is an ideal solution that ensures structural integrity.
Precast is often stronger than cast-in-place concrete. Not only are they reinforced with steel rebar, but the controlled curing process also ensures that the concrete will set correctly under ideal conditions for maximized strength.

case study residential house syokimau

Exploring and embracing contemporary modes of construction like precast solutions can help in reducing the overall cost and time. Precast beams and block slabs are known for their quality assurance and durability. Proven and tested both locally and internationally, they go through years of wear and tear and still maintain structural integrity.