Nanyuki is a Market town in Laikipia County of Kenya lying northwest of Mount Kenya along the A2 road and at the terminus of the branch railway from Nairobi. It’s known as a gateway to Mount Kenya and the wilderness of Mount Kenya National Park. Several trails, including the Naro Moru and Sirimon routes, ascend the mountain. The park’s wildlife includes leopards, giant forest hogs, and more than 100 bird species. Northwest of Nanyuki, the plains and hills of the vast Laikipia Plateau are home to lions, elephants, and rare Grevy’s zebras. 

Nanyuki town has for the longest period been a destination for vacations and gate-aways, for revelers and holiday seekers. This has increased the need for accommodation resorts and holiday homes to cater to the never-ending demand. 


The Nanyuki project is a private holiday home on half an acre plot of land. The house occupies approximately 200 square meters, it has four bedrooms all ensuite and a foyer that connects the home’s entrance with the rest of the interior. The house has a contemporary feel with the roof designed as a parapet flat roof. This will create additional space for a rooftop lounge area for the resident guests. Other amenities include a gym, swimming pool, gaming facility, and ample parking. The project commenced in August 2022 and the estimated completion period is in seven months including both structural and interior.


The client is a repeat contractor who always prefers using beam and block slab solutions in his projects. He gravitated towards Ecoconcrete due to the advantages of beam and block. This includes the efficient and on-time delivery and the technical support offered by our professional and able team of engineers.

In this case, the contractor was on a very tight time schedule. He could not afford any delay on the project. Despite the soil being black cotton, he wanted a solution that would circumvent the soil texture problem and fast-track the project. It being a holiday home in a tourist location maximization of profits was the top priority.


The project’s location is far from our production yard, but delivery was done on time as the client anticipated. Construction commenced at a steadily fast pace, no excavation or back-filling was done on the black cotton soil. It was left intact, and the beam and block slab was suspended above it. Currently, they have completed installing the 1st-floor slab and laid the electrical conduits and water piping. This will then be covered by a 50mm screed topping.

Nanyuki beam and block
Nanyuki beam and block


Based on the client’s dilemma we delivered an on-time slab solution that was fast and easy to install on black cotton soil. No excavation or backfill was done. This saved the client time and money at the same time. Costs that would have been spent on hiring excavators, the excavating process, buying tons of backfill materials, formworks, and shuttering went into other areas of construction.


Time is of the essence to any Contractor and other professionals in the construction industry as they have different projects they’re handling. Therefore, many are gradually gravitating toward the beam and block slab technology, because of the many benefits it allows them. Talk of ready stock for delivery, fast and easy installation, and technical support from our team of professionals. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure structural integrity.

Contact us today on 0700326326 for a slab solution that is safe up to relevant codes. It can go through years of wear and tear while still maintaining structural integrity.

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