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Construction of a house can be a tedious process, especially in these tough economic times. From the increased cost of leaving and prices of essential materials in construction, the burden has been pushed to the market directly to the final consumer.

Exploring contemporary modes of construction like precast solutions can help in reducing the overall cost and time. Precast beams and block slabs are known for their quality assurance and durability. Proven and tested both locally and internationally. They go through years of wear and tear and still maintain structural integrity.


The Katani project is a residential house sitting on an eighth plot of land. The house covers approximately 131 square metres on the ground floor, it has four bedrooms, a master en-suite, a study room, and a Gazebo area. The roof is designed to be a flat roof for additional space for different functions.

Construction commenced three weeks ago and is currently under the installation of the second-floor slab. The estimated completion period is in two months. The owner chose beam and block slab after seeing a social media post on its various advantages and efficiency when it comes to home building.

Beam and block slab was used to hasten the project from the foundation to the upper floors. A ready slab after installation no curing time required.


The client’s main concern was cost and the overall time reduction of his construction project. He had taken some time off work and was hoping to complete his house before duty calls. He went in search of a solution that would solve both his concerns and not compromise structural integrity.

When he came across beam and block solutions on social media, he was intrigued and made a visit to our offices with his contractor for more information. He had a meeting with one of our engineers and was fully convinced this was the solution he needed to save some money and Fastrack the construction period.


After understanding the client’s needs, Ecoconcrete provided a cost-effective floor solution. This allowed the client to save on preliminaries of the insitu slab, the formworks, and shutters as well as the curing period. The slab was delivered five days after payment and ready for installation in a matter of days. No skilled labour was required, and his casual worker did the installation under the supervision of one of our engineers.

After installation, the slab provided a safe, ready working platform, and construction continued immediately. No delays no waiting periods.

With the speed at which construction was going, the client was content he made the right choice to trust Ecoconcrete on his dream retirement home.


Precast solutions allow you control over your construction project. Talk about fixed prices unlikely to change after a quotation. Quality assurance and durability, time reduction, and reduced wastage on site.

We prioritise speed and efficiency, from payment to delivery in just a few days.

No stories and no delays.

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