Bean and block


In this case study, we look at the use of Beam and Block in commercial buildings which is often an ideal solution that ensures structural integrity. Precast is often stronger than cast-in-place concrete. Not only are they reinforced with pre-stressed hi-tensile steel, but the controlled curing process also ensures that the concrete will be set correctly under ideal conditions for maximized strength.


The commercial building in question is a hotel lodge located in Kitengela Kajiado county. It covers approximately 450 square meters on the ground floor and upper floors as well. The Foundation was suspended using the beam and block slab system because the area is known for its predominant expansive soil. Black cotton is usually a problem when it comes to construction, But the suspended floor system makes it a much easier task because it eliminates the need to excavate and backfill.

The hotel will have a fitness centre, a pool, business services, an on-site restaurant, spacious ensuite rooms, conference rooms, a gaming area, and ample packing. Construction began in early March this year and the stipulated completion period is December 2022.


Due to the project’s completion timeframe, the client wanted a slab solution that would help fast-track the whole process. He contacted a precast supplier who in turn did not deliver as per the agreed terms n conditions. This caused the project to experience a lot of delays. This was known during the case study.

He then went in search of a much more reliable precast slab manufacturer and contacted Ecoconcrete’s  team of professionals he did not hesitate to trust on his project.


Based on the client’s dilemma, a site visit was made immediately after inquiry, accurate measurements were taken, Free value engineering was conducted on the build, and delivery of the precast slab was made in less than two weeks. No stories no delay, the ready stock for delivery helped save time and construction continued at a reasonably fast pace.

The beam and block slab solution ensured the stipulated completion timeframe is within reach.


We usually make site visits to ensure proper installation of the slab according to the installation drawings provided. We also offer free installation training to casual workers and do a project case study.

On-site installation went on smoothly covering about 100 square meters in a day.

beam and block slab
Case study beam and block
Case study beam and block


The ultimate goal of every construction project is to remain on scope, within budget, and within timelines. This requires a concerted and professional independent review of every aspect of the construction project.

Ecoconcrete assures the client that maximum performance and high-value construction can and will happen through value engineering

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Let’s prioritize integrity in constructing.

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