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Low-cost housing technologies aim to cut down construction costs by using alternatives to conventional methods and inputs. It is about the usage of local and indigenous building materials, local skills, energy savers, and environment-friendly options. Wilstone homes is a leading, private real estate company, passionate about providing quality, affordable, and comfortable homes to potential homeowners and investors. They work around the clock to deliver close to 500 homes annually.


Ridge front gardens is located on Kenyatta Road, way to Gatundu. A project by willstone homes, comprises 6 mansions and 32 bungalows, a total of 38 units. The mansions have 4 ensuite bedrooms, a family room, and a servant’s quarter. Covering approximately 132 square meters on the ground floor and 139 square meters on the 1st floor. Construction commenced last year and is yet to be completed in July 2022 for a handover ceremony to the respective owners. Currently under installation of the 1st-floor slab.


The ridge front gardens are a multi-construction project by Willstone homes developers. Time was the main factor of concern. The developers wanted a durable solution that would hasten the project without any delays while still maintaining structural integrity. They sort the beam and block slab as a preferred alternative because of their various advantages.

  • predetermined cost of construction.
  • Reduced construction time.
  • Quality assurance and durability.
  • Reduced wastage.
  • Environment friendly.


EcoConcrete is a reputable company that delivers and surpasses clients’ expectations. The beam and block slab was installed within the expected timelines, fast and easy with supervision from one of our engineers. No waiting periods or delays, construction of the next floor continued immediately after installation.

Beam and block slab
hollow blocks


With the client’s dilemma in mind, we delivered a durable ready slab that is fast to install providing an immediate, safe working platform. The slab is rot-proof, soundproof, and fire-resistant. The solution eliminates problems associated with frost damage and ground movement.

As the client expected the beam and block slab reduced construction time and saved money as well by up to 25%. With the rising costs of construction materials like steel and cement, Precast is a much-preferred option.

Beam and block slab
Beam and block slab


For a multi-construction project, Time is of the essence to any project owner. Precast, because of its time reduction advantage is the best alternative as seen in this case study for a multi construction project.

Irrespective of the construction project in question dragging is eliminated by using beam and block slab. 

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