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Are you wanting more control of your build?   Want to know exactly what it will cost? Are you trying  to manage the labour costs?  Planning to speed up the build? Do you wish that laying a slab was more of a science than an art? Hoping for  no overtime on late casting? Is your  building in a remote area with limited resources?  or is it in town with restricted space? Then our Precast Beam and Block floor is for you. It does all the above and still allows you to build the house, office or apartment you wish. It has many more applications, City, Town, Village or country we can supply you, call us for a free quote today.

Less Cost, Less Stress, Less Time! Better Results!

Whether you are a building professional or first time self builder our Block & Beam solution will save you time, stress and most importantly money. 

Our Beam and Block flooring system consists of precast beams and blocks. Using this system reduces construction costs whilst maintaining client’s expectations and quality of works. The system is faster, cost effective, uses minimum labor, no shuttering required as compared to the traditional slab. The cost of the slab varies per square meter depending on the usage of the floor and the delivery location as there is a transport cost involved.


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Free value engineering

If this is you first build or you are an experienced contractor, our in House Engineers asses the designs given as part of our commitment to you.

  1. We will produce Beam and Block drawings from the design given and submit working drawings for use on site.
  2. We provide an independent assessment of your design and recommend any improvements or alterations to the design that may provide a value enhancement to you as the client.

Free installation training

Our team will be there to support you all the way, be that with reading the technical drawings or simply training your team on how to install the Beam & Block flooring. We have got you covered, one of our team will supervise every step of the process. 

Why Choose Beam & Block

The Beam and Block flooring system consists of precast beams and blocks. The system  reduces construction costs whilst maintaining the client’s expectations of a high quality structure.

Easy to handle, quick to install

Simple all-weather method of construction that you can install using unskilled labour.

No shuttering for the slab

Not only shuttering, there is also no need of laying reinforcement for the slab as the floor is structural itself.

Immediate working platform

As soon as the floor is laid it can be used and walked upon. It is fire resistant with good thermal insulation.

Reduced theft of material from site.

The floor is delivered as a finished product to site, Reduces the need for large quantities of cement, steel & aggregates on site.

Minimum site preparation work

No compaction, no slab excavations, or back-fill of hard core, and no need of shuttering for the slab.

Reduced construction cost

Cost effective with minimum labor, no propping and shuttering required and its faster.

Key Beam & Block Stats

+ 0 %
Market share in the UK
- 0 %
Less costs per floor*
+ 0 X
Up to six times faster*
0 Days
Saved per floor*

*Based on all consolidated factors of a traditional slab

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

"I chose this precast slab because of time, and cost. We are saving a lot, especially on labour, and as we all know the rebars have gone up. I would recommend the use of prestressed beams and blocks in other projects. Other developers have come here, seen, and liked this technology because it makes a huge difference, what would take 30 days can be installed in less than a week."

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Either directly or through our partner business of Somers Engineering we are members or affiliated with many organisations in the field of construction and engineering.

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