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We are Kenya's leading manufacturer of precast Beam & Block Slab

Our Mission:
“We want to be your supplier of choice when it comes to selecting a floor slab.  We want you, our customer to have a positive experience dealing with us and we aim to give you the best advice and solution for your needs.”

We believe that our product has the versatility, the security and the functionality that our customers demand.  Our product is backed up by a team of qualified Engineers and undergoes regular quality testing to ensure that what  we deliver to our client is fit for purpose.  Our in house design team ensures that our product fits in with your design , we take into consideration the intended usage of the floors to ensure that the loading requirements of the slab are built to design specifications.

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Years of Experience

EcoConcrete Ltd is an affiliated company to Somers Engineering Ltd Somers Engineering Limited was established in 1987, a Multi discipline Engineering Services Company. Somers Engineering Limited provides specialised engineering solutions for structures. This affiliation assures customers of the integrity of our system. Every floor we produce is checked by an engineer against the design of the building for loadings span and functionality.

EcoConcrete has been a supplier in a variety of different projects since its inception from shopping malls, cold rooms, houses, multi storeys, warehouses, sports and community halls, churches, as well as it has been used in civil works projects such as water tanks, septic tanks, culverts, carparks, flat roofs etc.. This proves the versatility and flexibility in design and use of the product.

With our production yard in Isyina and a large investment in our plant and equipment we are in a strong position to cater for the challenges that our customers bring to us.

Our Head office is situated in Doctors Park, 3rd Avenue, Parklands, and is convenient for our customers to come and visit.

Key Beam & Block Stats

Less costs per floor*
0 %
Up to six times faster*
0 X
Trees saved per build*
Days Saved per floor*

*Based on all consolidated factors of a traditional slab

The Team

Our Experts

Eng. Arjan Shankla

Technical Director

Gerald Taylor


Hemal Patel

General Manager

Martin Atebe

Sales Manager / QS

Eng. Paul Kiarie

Engineer - Key Accounts Manager

Eng. James Gitau

Engineer - Key Accounts Manager

Dickson Wandimi

Technical Sales

Peter Kiliku

Technical Sales

The EcoConcrete Team

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the 23rd build expo 2022

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beam and block slab awareness

Creating awareness of the beam and block slab is important for it educates the public about the floor system, how it works, and its advantages. Ecoconcrete organises different events and sports tournaments entirely to facilitate the awareness tour campaign.

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Our Construction Blog:

Features and articles about the uses and applications of EcoConcrete Beam & Block and construction in Kenya.

Shutter-Free Methods for Sustainable Building

In a paradigm shift for the construction industry, innovative methods are emerging that eliminate the need for traditional shuttering in crucial structural components like slabs, columns, and ring beams. These

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Beam & Block saves hundreds of trees on every build

EcoConcrete’s Beam & Block requires no form-work or propping saving large amount of timber every time it is used on site. As it is also factory made it reduces on emissions from transportation and reduces on waste.

We Follow Best Practices

At EcoConcrete we are committed to keeping people healthy & safe. We do this by following all the best health and safety practices both in our yard and on site. We are also committed to sustainable manufacturing, doing our bit to reduce climate change. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a concrete product; we follow the same building guidelines and rules of a conventional slab. We have several advantages over conventional slab when it comes to price and ease of installation etc. Once the floor is completed there is no physical or observable difference between the two.

The beams are made of high tensile steel which are stretched, and then concrete is poured over.  After setting, the mechanical force applied during casting is released thereby stressing the wires in the concrete beam thus, the concrete is now effectively in a state of compression. It is capable of counteracting tensile stress, such as load.

The system reduces construction costs whilst maintaining the client’s expectations and quality of work. The system is faster, cost-effective, with minimum labour, no shuttering is required when compared to the traditional slab.

We use of high-tensile steel which is equivalent to D-16 wires as reinforcement.

The Beams cost around 1,100/= per length metre. However, we require your drawings to give you the full cost. The actual cost varies and will be based on your drawings and technical requirements. Depending on the location transport charges also vary.

Yes, If you include savings made on preliminaries, speed of build, no formwork, reduced labour, reduction of the total number of delivery vehicles, space-saving on site, low-security risk, all-weather installation, no overtime required, guaranteed quality, Just in time delivery, for low-level housing units no mechanical lifting required, minimal excavation. No mixing on site, No curing, No redundancy requirement for mixers and poker vibrators.

We are located on the 5th floor of Doctors Park, 3rd Parklands avenue, next to AGA Khan Hospital.

Yes, we would like to know when you want to visit so that we can arrange with the production manager regarding the same.