Case Study – Githunguri – Multi-Storey Building

Construction of a multi-storey structure can take long periods of time if not properly planned. Like the old saying, time is money, the developer of this high-rise building intended to complete his residential houses on time and lease them out immediately to maximize returns on investment.


The Githunguri project is a residential multi-storey building covering approximately 714 square meters with 60 units on 6 floors. The units comprise 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom houses with fitted kitchens and private bathrooms. Construction commenced 3 months ago and is currently on the 3rd-floor slab installation using EcoConcrete beam and block slab. The client first inquired about the floor slab solution on social media several months ago. He contacted us for a site visit to fully understand how the slab works. He was completely convinced that this solution will help fast-track his project and save money in this tough economy. With fluctuating prices of construction materials, he was confident he made the right choice.


The owner of this residential multi-storey building is a private developer handling many other different projects. Time was his main concern for he intended to complete construction in exactly 8 months and rent it out immediately after.


The beam and block slab were delivered on time and installed under supervision from one of our engineers. Construction continued immediately after installation with no waiting periods, unlike the conventional method.

50mm screed
piping after B&B installation


Beam and block slab

Considering the client’s dilemma EcoConcrete delivered a ready slab, fast and easy to install with no site preparation. This allowed the client to save time on the formworks, shuttering, and concrete curing period. The floor solution also helped the client save money on metal works on every floor and provided a definite budget to work on. With the pace at which construction is progressing it’s safe to say the client will not be disappointed.


With increased or rather fluctuating prices in construction materials, like steel and cement you are on the safer side working with precast solutions as seen on this YouTube video, 

Precast is known for its various advantages which include.

  1. Predetermined cost of construction.
  2. Quality assurance and durability.
  3. Construction time reduction.
  4. Reduced wastage.

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