Why use EcoConcrete Beam & Block Slab?

Less Cost, Less Stress, Less Time! Better Results!

Whether you are a building professional or first time self builder our Block & Beam solution will save you time, stress and most importantly money.

Our Beam and Block flooring system consists of precast beams and blocks. Using this system reduces construction costs whilst maintaining client’s expectations and quality of works. The system is faster, cost effective, uses minimum labor, no shuttering required as compared to the traditional slab. The cost of the slab varies per square meter depending on the usage of the floor and the delivery location as there is a transport cost involved

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Key Beam & Block Stats

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Beam & Block Solves Your Problems

For our Beam and Block system, the excavation required is only for foundation trenching or stub columns and ground beams. The suspended Beam and Block floor is laid simply supported on top of the foundation walling. There is no requirement for Excavation and removal of foundation soils and subsequent back-filling with select materials, as you would with a conventional slab.
The current cost of excavating and back-filling ranges between Ksh 180,000 – Ksh 250,000 for a 100-square-meter plinth area. Use of B&B is also beneficial as it reduces the number of deliveries to site.

Beam and Block system requires no formwork at all, as the system is self-supporting. This saves on the cost of hiring trappers or installation of marine ply as formwork. Formwork costs around Ksh 500 per square metre. For 100 square metres, the saving is approximately Ksh 50,000.

Conventional slabs require to be propped to allow support of formwork as the concrete
cures. For every square metre, 4 props are recommended for efficient support. Each pole ranges between Ksh 120 to Ksh 150. For 100 square metres, propping required ranges between Ksh 48,000 – Ksh 60,000. Beam and Block system requires no propping at all.

The Beams are made of Class 60 concrete, prestressed with high tensile steel, and manufactured to BS EN 15037, meaning there is no need for additional reinforcement. This makes Beam and Block flooring economical.

The Beam and Block system is very quick and easy to install. Approximately 100 m2 of the system can be installed manually in a day. For a conventional slab, it takes about 28 days for the slab to be completed from concreting, vibrating, and curing. This can save about 60% of the time. Minimal machinery is required on site (no concrete pump, no poker vibrator, no raking, or leveling is required). This system is extremely versatile in achieving complex designs using unskilled labour. Economical option due to the off-site manufacture, fast assembly, and little requirement for specialist labour or equipment.

As the flooring system is draught-proof, rot-proof, and fire-resistant, there are no concerns over the quality of the Beam and Block. Its rigid construction also results in minimal shrinkage,
no creaks, and a lack of bounce that is associated with other types of floors.

Engineered Solution

Discover the strength of precision with our Engineered Solution – EcoConcrete’s Beam & Block. Tailored to meet the highest standards, our slabs offer a meticulously crafted, load-bearing design that transforms construction into a seamless and robust experience. Embrace innovation, reliability, and sustainability with a flooring solution engineered for all your needs

Free Value Engineering

If this is you first build or you are an experienced contractor, our in House Engineers asses the designs given as part of our commitment to you.

  1. We will produce Beam and Block drawings from the design given and submit working drawings for use on site.
  2. We provide an independent assessment of your design and recommend any improvements or alterations to the design that may provide a value enhancement to you as the client.

Free Installation Training

Our team will be there to support you all the way, be that with reading the technical drawings or simply training your team on how to install the Beam & Block flooring. We have got you covered, one of our team will supervise every step of the process. 

Why are clients using EcoConcrete's Beam & Block:

Customer Testimonials

Civil Engineer

Simon Maina

"I chose this precast slab because of time, and cost. We are saving a lot, especially on labour, and as we all know the rebars have gone up. I would recommend the use of prestressed beams and blocks in other projects. Other developers have come here, seen, and liked this technology because it makes a huge difference, what would take 30 days can be installed in less than a week."


Stephen Mwangi 

"Personally, I like beam and block, I've used them in several projects because it is cheaper. Anyone in construction right now knows the prices of materials have shot up, and we all want to save in these hard times, especially on labour I save up to 20%."

Home Owner

John Mwicigi

It is my 1st time using beam and block, from the time I paid, to delivery, it took about 5 days because I was paying in instalments. I would say the system has worked well for me, and I can recommend it to someone else. The beams and the blocks are of good quality, they are quite firm, and I believe my house will be more stable.

Customer Stories:

Quantity Surveyor

Fidelis Mallon

“We are using beam and block in this project and despite the sudden changes in prices of steel and cement the price did not change from the time of quotation The time we estimated the cost for the conventional way the prices have changed I prefer Eco Concrete they send their technicians to work with us and leach our casual workers on this new technology.”

More Customer Stories:


Beam & Block saves hundreds of trees on every build

EcoConcrete’s Beam & Block requires no form-work or propping saving large amount of timber every time it is used on site. As it is also factory made it reduces on emissions from transportation and reduces on waste.

We Follow Best Practices

At EcoConcrete we are committed to keeping people healthy & safe. We do this by following all the best health and safety practices both in our yard and on site. We are also committed to sustainable manufacturing, doing our bit to reduce climate change. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a concrete product; we follow the same building guidelines and rules of a conventional slab. We have several advantages over conventional slab when it comes to price and ease of installation etc. Once the floor is completed there is no physical or observable difference between the two.

The beams are made of high tensile steel which are stretched, and then concrete is poured over.  After setting, the mechanical force applied during casting is released thereby stressing the wires in the concrete beam thus, the concrete is now effectively in a state of compression. It is capable of counteracting tensile stress, such as load.

The system reduces construction costs whilst maintaining the client’s expectations and quality of work. The system is faster, cost-effective, with minimum labour, no shuttering is required when compared to the traditional slab.

We use of high-tensile steel which is equivalent to D-16 wires as reinforcement.

The Beams cost around 1,100/= per length metre. However, we require your drawings to give you the full cost. The actual cost varies and will be based on your drawings and technical requirements. Depending on the location transport charges also vary.

Yes, If you include savings made on preliminaries, speed of build, no formwork, reduced labour, reduction of the total number of delivery vehicles, space-saving on site, low-security risk, all-weather installation, no overtime required, guaranteed quality, Just in time delivery, for low-level housing units no mechanical lifting required, minimal excavation. No mixing on site, No curing, No redundancy requirement for mixers and poker vibrators.

We are located on the 5th floor of Doctors Park, 3rd Parklands avenue, next to AGA Khan Hospital.

Yes, we would like to know when you want to visit so that we can arrange with the production manager regarding the same.