Eco-friendly construction

is the beam and block an eco-friendly construction component?

We have recently been getting a lot of questions on our Facebook page whether our beam and block flooring system is eco-friendly construction technology. the inquiries have since inspired this post., So here it goes:

Eco-friendly, especially in the housing sector is a wide topic. However, the industry is starting to recognise and change its construction methods to help solve the problems of pollution and decreases the long-term effects on the environment. The Kenyan government has embarked to pass policies and regulatory frameworks that promote the use of green building technologies and materials. For example, the buildings been constructed should incorporate energy-efficient technologies.

Now more than ever, more and more people are paying attention to the environment when making decisions on building projects. More information on this aspect is particularly coming to light. Numerous environmentally friendly building technologies and materials are emerging in the marketplace.

But there is a challenge for some self-builders. Identifying the building technologies and materials is tricky for them because of less information on the topic and also because of different definitions of eco-friendly in the construction sector.

This article discusses what is eco-friendly construction and what makes our beam and block flooring system an eco-friendly construction technology.

What Is Eco-Friendly Construction?

Eco-friendly construction is the use of technologies, methods and materials that have a minimal negative impact on the environment. The intention is to leave the environment better than before. For instance, the use of a beam and block flooring system allows for the construction of a suspended slab/floor that is not in direct contact with the ground. This type of construction is in response to the ever-increasing demand for green buildings. 

EcoConcrete precast beam and block floor system is committed to protecting our environment. We use responsible techniques to ensure our system is eco-friendly and can be used on different commercial and residential building projects.

untapped potential

The construction industry has the potential to become a central part of the solution to our sustainability challenges. Eco-friendly designs combat climate change and improve our health, wellbeing, and productivity. However, “Kenya lacks uniform green building standards and guidelines that should be adhered to by developers,” according to reports.

With that said, we have compiled a list of five reasons that make our beam and block slab system an eco-friendly building component.

Minimum waste output during the production process 

Our commitment to environmentally friendly materials starts during the production process. We make sure zero to little waste is produced during the beams and blocks the production process. All the materials are optimally used in addition to zero packaging material can be reduced because precast concrete elements are stored and transported to the building site without packaging. 

Low maintenance

Our precast system is low maintenance. The system is used for many decades in many countries because of its low maintenance, durability, versatility, and environmentally friendly properties.

Fewer site preparation 

Site preparation can involve excavations or other methods that cause disruptions to land and the surrounding environment. With the beam and block flooring system, no excavation is required, which translates to fewer resources required for the excavation, eliminating the need to import backfilling materials.

Easier installation

We produce a Precast flooring system that is easy to handle and install. The system is ready for use when it arrives at your development project. The installation is easier and faster than the conventional or poured-in-place concrete meaning less environmental destruction and pollution. 

eliminate the need for formwork at your site

Precast beam and block flooring systems significantly reduce the need for formwork at the site.

LOCALLY-SOURCED MATERIALS from licensed quarries

We use locally produced raw materials. Using local materials, such as cement and aggregate from cement companies in the country. This is good for the environment and the country’s economy. we buy our raw materials from locally licences quarries and companies that adhere to Nema regarding Environmental sustainability guidelines. In addition to that, we make sure the materials we source out for do not impose any unnecessary burden on the environment.

Environmental safety of our beam and block

Precast beam and block is a versatile, durable flooring system, produced in a factory by well-trained personnel under stringent quality control measures and with virtually zero waste. After the production and curing, which normally takes 28 days, the beam and blocks are transported to your site just in time for installation.

The system is installed with minimal disruption to the site. In addition to providing versatility in aesthetics, structural design, and use, precast concrete inherently provides a high level of resiliency which protects against multiple hazards such as fire and flood. The material used does not provide a food source for mould, which maintains a healthy indoor environment, maintain a more uniform indoor temperature and acts as an energy saver because of its thermal insulation properties, increase user comfort and is an effective sound insulator.

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