Multi-storey residential apartment in Muchatha


It is good to highlight the suitability of our beam and block on different kinds of projects, whether it’s a new Multi-storey residential apartment or an ongoing project.

Today’s case study is of a Multi-storey residential apartment in Muchatha, in Kiambu county. This is a relatively large development from our engineer with whom we have done several projects. The project is ongoing and we were given the opportunity to supply our beam and block flooring system for the project.


The Muchatha multifamily residential housing is a six-storey apartment building with a floor area of 230m2, designed to provide housing for those who work in close proximity to the Nairobi central business and its environs.

The design is such that a typical residential unit includes a bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, dining area balconies and other amenities necessary in a family unit.

Why the client chose our system

The main goal of the client was to use a construction system suitable for multi-storey apartments in terms of reliability, speed, quantified pricing, and ease of use/installation. The beam and block slab system was deemed suitable for the project.

Our system was selected largely for its cost-effectiveness and durability. We are providing the beam and block flooring solution for a floor area of 230m2 per floor. This means we are supplying the client with over 520 meters worth of 150mm deep beams at various lengths, spanning 3 to 6 meters.

The floor also required over 2760 lightweight solid infill blocks, with a minimum block density of 200mm length by 380mm width by 150mm deep per block. Our flooring system for the project indeed provides our client with high quality, solid floor structure.


We can cite that the project and execution was a success and hopefully will continue to be a success with the upper floors. Our focus is on how we can use our beam and block flooring system to provide quality solutions to our client’s queries. EcoConcrete generally focuses on providing a value-added flooring system to all our clients. To enquire about our beam and block flooring system click here or contact us on 0722882088.

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