Precast concrete slab


How strong is the beam and block flooring system? In short, it is strong. The answer lies in both the tensile and compression strength and the curing process. Because our products are manufactured at our production yard, challenges that can affect the quality of our products during productions are avoided. The strictly controlled environment allows us to avoid these challenges, the most obvious ones being the temperature and weather.

How to get a quotation

how to get a quotation: 5 Key Factors we consider

Getting a quotation for your project is one of the most essential processes when planning a project. Your project cost estimate consists of all expenditures, including site preparation, getting plans, and approvals, constructing and landscaping and finishing touches, which means the client can utilize this important aspect of construction from the initial stages of the project until the end. The procedure is almost the same when seeking a quotation for your floor as it is part of your construction project.

Eco-friendly construction

is the beam and block an eco-friendly construction component?

We have recently been getting a lot of questions on our Facebook page whether our beam and block flooring system is eco-friendly construction technology. the inquiries have since inspired this post., So here it goes: Eco-friendly, especially in the housing sector is a wide topic. However, the industry is starting to recognise and change its …

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Construction industry: Will POLITICAL UNREST affect your construction project?

Politics play a major role in building or breaking a country’s economy. But the construction industry in Kenya is exceedingly imperative in the country’s economy. While political figures use the campaigning period to look attractive and win voters by promising infrastructure upgrades, create regulations, and laws, the construction industry is affected directly and indirectly. How will the political atmosphere in Kenya affect the construction industry?

A look around our floor slab production yard

In this video, we take a look at the precast beam and block production process at our purpose-built yard in Athi River. Our Managing Director will talk through our manufacturing method and show you how we create the strength in our beams, as well as the talk about curing times, testing and much, much more.

Grouting in beam and block

Grouting In Beam and Block Slab Technology

Grout an essential part of the beam and block floor installation process. When you install the beam and block slab, you need to grout and doing it in the right way can mean the difference between the looks and performance of your floor over time. Grouting the beam and block surface is when everything starts coming together.

Covid 19 and the construction industry: A glimmer of hope.

COVID-19 sent shockwaves worldwide affecting economies and industries in this countries. the pandemic brought the world to a standstill in 2020. As kenya moved into the second, third and now the fourth waves of the pandemic we are witnessing a recession of all times. However, diverging recovery paths are emerging. Amid the doom and gloom of 2020, recent vaccine announcements offer some glimmer of hope for 2021 and beyond. It feels like we are seeing the first steps towards light at the end of the tunnel.