Kitengela township


Kitengela is often described as “the best of both worlds” for its closeness to Nairobi, rural feel, affordable land, as well as collaborative and friendly nature of its residents. It is one of the fastest-growing areas according to the 2019 census. Its population has tripled since 2009. Its quick expansion is attributed to a massive influx of middle-class people.


In construction, people may argue that control is an elusive concept because of the many unforeseen circumstances that occur due to inflation and unreliable vendors who underdeliver. Ecoconcrete beam and block precast slab is changing the narrative by allowing contractors/project owners more control over their construction schedules and budget.


We’re using beam and block because it is fast, we do not need to cut down a whole forest for support. If you do it the normal way of putting concrete slabs, you’ll need 300 – 500 trees for support, so we decided to go Eco green use beam and block, put it up, and continue construction the next day.


Are you tired of waiting for Beam & Block floor slab? Are your frustrated with ever-delayed delivery promises? Is your project stalled waiting on materials for your floor or roof slab?
EcoConcrete has ready stock for collection today! A reliable team you can trust on your floor/roof slab. From the point of inquiry to value engineering, and on-time product delivery.

H.E Mwai Kibaki

Tribute to the late President Mwai Kibaki

The Ecoconcrete Team wish to offer sincere condolences to the family of the late former president of the Republic of Kenya, His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki and the entire Nation at large. An astute statesman has rested, but his accomplishments live on. looks at how Kibaki’s legacy looms large in infrastructure

beam and block precast slab

precast Slab: the present & future of slab construction? 

The precast concrete slab is a reinforced concrete flooring system that combines ease of construction with structural integrity on your build. The method involves pouring higher strength concrete into a mould while under highly supervised conditions. The procedure prevents environmental variables from affecting the concrete and enhances the strength of the structures that use it. Where other materials would degrade, the precast concrete strengthens with age. It is highly resistant to potential environmental dangers and other elements. Moreover, concrete slabs require less labour, which saves the builder unnecessary labour costs, especially during slab construction.

Precast concrete slab


How strong is the beam and block flooring system? In short, it is strong. The answer lies in both the tensile and compression strength and the curing process. Because our products are manufactured at our production yard, challenges that can affect the quality of our products during productions are avoided. The strictly controlled environment allows us to avoid these challenges, the most obvious ones being the temperature and weather.

How to get a quotation

how to get a quotation: 5 Key Factors we consider

Getting a quotation for your project is one of the most essential processes when planning a project. Your project cost estimate consists of all expenditures, including site preparation, getting plans, and approvals, constructing and landscaping and finishing touches, which means the client can utilize this important aspect of construction from the initial stages of the project until the end. The procedure is almost the same when seeking a quotation for your floor as it is part of your construction project.