Tank cover using beam and block

Underground water tanks are necessary for many residential and commercial settings. An underground water storage tank is a structure constructed below the ground with a strong and durable cover. Installing the cover is particularly simple when you have the right contractor, slab system and tools for the job.

The installation procedure involves utilizing unique construction methods that vary depending on various characteristics like time, location cost, constructability, and resources.

In this case study, we will focus on the beam and block slab system as a recommended system to be used for the water tank cover. Using the correct slab system is particularly important as it will lengthen the life of not only the cover but also the tank.

About the project

The owner of this project was looking for the best slab solution in town for since new underground tank cover installation project in Parklands, Nairobi. The slab covers an area of 85 m2.

Client’s dilemma

The client wanted to use the 4x 10,000 N roto tanks and wanted a system that won’t limit his parking space. With these considerations, the client had to take some things into account. The fact that the tanks we placed underground, he could not erect and demolish the shutters in case he was to use the conventional slab method.

Also, the client had to take into account the strength, stability and durability. Similarly, the cover had to withstand the high Live load expectations because of parking. In case of any damage, repairing the cover would be more expensive. After consideration and consultation, he went for a slab system with hidden or extra costs.

Solution using beam and block

The use of beam and block slab system proved to be beneficial for the client. The system provided a better solution for the client. It took less time to install the cover and also utilizing the available space. There was no need for creating more space for material storage and application.

The arrangement of the PT Beams is two Beams to Block due to the high Live load(10KN/m2) that will be imposed on the cover.

The Underground tank top slab installation was very economical using the Beam & Block slab system, as it saved the client the challenges of erecting and demolishing the shutters in the tank. The fast execution meant the client finished his project on time.


Finally, this successful installation demonstrated the effective use of beam and block in underground water tank cover construction. The beam and block slab system will extend the life of such structures, which in many cases needs restoration after a few years when using other slab construction methods. This installation opens the door to a slab installation in Kenya using our system.

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