kabcec cpd convention at Sarit expo centre

The Kenya Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (KABCEC) is an Association bringing together building and civil engineering contractors in Kenya. 

It was formed in 1949 and currently enjoys a membership of over 400 employer organizations that are top contractors in the country. The contractors employ hundreds of thousands of construction workers directly and indirectly.

Their main objective is to foster and advance matters of common interest of contractors in their course of doing their businesses. It is in the view of this objective that KABCEC participates actively in the formulation, revision, amendment, and improvement of the Conditions of Contract for Building works.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points are a way of measuring the time and quality of learning and development (L&D) activities. strengthening performance at work and helping people to progress in their careers.

KABCEC organised this continuing professional development (CPD) convention for members to attend, learn and earn the 10 National Construction Authority (NCA) accredited CPD points, by attending any 3 of the 90min presentations that were held over a two-day period. These points are important to contractors for the annual license renewal by the NCA.

Accreditation for the event was also sorted from BORAQ’S, EBK, and IQSK to award CPD points for architects, engineers, and quantity surveyors.


  • Participating in a full day’s training.
  • Attending a professional event or conference (for example, Civil Service Live) for its duration
  • Provide a formal briefing to your directorate on what you learned


The KABCEC CPD convention was held from 30th to 31st of May at the Sarit expo centre. It involved several sponsors all members of the Association.

EcoConcrete was among the proud sponsors of the CPD convention, our presence was fully represented by our qualified engineers and marketing team. We provided a live demonstration of how the beam and block slab is installed, a fast and easy process that impressed many.

The convention was full of contractors and engineers, this gave us the opportunity to interact with the decision-makers when it comes to the structure of a building. A contractor or an engineer is in a better position to advise the client on structural matters of his build, and often they have the final say.

Educating and creating awareness of the slab to decision-makers means a wider range of people who understand the future of construction is precast, the advantages and benefits as well.


Ecoconcrete beams and block slabs are known for their structural integrity and durability. A product that will give you desired results in a short period of time and save you money as well. As the old saying time is money, we help you save both.

Contact us today on 0722882088, we will meet and exceed your floor or roof slab expectations.

We are a reliable team you can trust for your build.

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