the 23rd build expo 2022

Build Expo Africa is the only show with the widest range of the latest technology in building materials, mining machines, construction machinery, and heavy equipment. The 23rd edition of Build Expo, East Africa’s largest building and construction fair, had exhibitors from over 40 countries who are the finest in infrastructure development.

The three-day event, with over 10,000 products, equipment, and machinery on display across an expanse of more than 10,000 square meters.

The build Expo caters to the demands of not just the Kenyan market, but of the whole region of East Africa. This mega expo was the ideal forum for international and local players to showcase their products and services to the huge market in Africa.


The 23rd build expo was organised by build expo Africa. This expo happens annually to promote the international platform for the construction and building industry ensuring sustainable development. The trade show covers sectors like building & construction, aluminum, steel, granite, ceramics & pipes fittings, and mining.

Ecoconcrete is a construction company that manufactures precast beams and block slabs. A ready slab solution that is known for its structural integrity and durability. This expo was a perfect opportunity for us to cast our net wider and broaden our clientele base, create more awareness of the slab its advantages, and how it functions.

People from across East Africa directly in collaboration with regional trade bodies in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique, and Congo were all in attendance. Kenya is certainly one of the biggest markets in Africa, and we as a company managed to penetrate the market deeper with a live demonstration of how fast and easy the beam and block slab is installed. Our team of qualified engineers was present to further educate and deconstruct any myths and misconceptions about the slab.

Multiple crowds visiting our setup with lots of inquiries were a clear indication of the level of interest the precast slab has amassed over the years.


It is safe to say we achieved our objective of being part and parcel of the 23rd building and construction expo. A clientele base that fully understands the precast solution, its advantages, and environmental benefits.

We pride ourselves in building environmentally to conserve our forest and reduce air and noise pollution to bridge the destructive gap caused over the years by construction works.

Join Ecoconcrete in this campaign of building environmentally while still achieving durable results on your build.

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