Beam and Block with wall panels

Case Study-Beam and Block with Precast Panels

Beam and Block slabs can be used with Precast wall panels to construct your residential/commercial building. Precast wall panels are used as part of building envelopes, either as cladding or curtain walls that enclose the space and resist wind forces. They are load-bearing walls that support and transfer loads from other elements. Precast wall panels offer various shapes, colours, textures, and finishes. They are of high quality and durability due to controlled curing conditions.

Beam and block slab is used as a type of concrete flooring consisting of prestressed concrete beams and concrete blocks laid out in a pattern and supported by load-bearing walls or beams.

About the Project

This project looked at a residential house in Gikambura, constructed using beam and block precast slab and precast wall panels as wall cladding. Beam and Block have been used from the ground floor, 1st floor, and finally, the flat roof slab. The Precast wall panels were constructed as a curtain wall.  No building loads were transferred to the concrete panels.

These loads must be transmitted through the wall system and secondary structural elements to the building’s structure i.e. the columns and the ring beam before you install your beam and block slab. It is essential to evaluate the design, detailing, and erection of precast panels to avoid imposing unwanted loads onto the panels.

Site Visit

Beam and Block with wall panels
Wall panels
Beam and Block with wall panels
Beam and Block installation

The advantage of Beam and Block on the construction project

  • Ease in installation and less preparation involved.
  • It is time-saving and cost-efficient.
  • It is durable and has excellent soundproofing capabilities.
  • It can span larger distances between internal walls or beams than traditional slabs.
  • It provides protection against moisture on the ground floor.


The construction industry is rapidly changing to meet the needs of modern society, Beam and block precast slab provides a suitable, cost-effective, versatile, and safe way of slab construction.

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