Precast Concrete Slab – Quality Assurance

Precast concrete and other materials used in your building projects need to meet strict rules, regulations and quality standards set by respective organizations to assure quality compliance of the materials in the market.

In December 2020, the Kenya Bureau of standards set 10 new guidelines and rules to be used in the construction industry, including the precast section. KEBS took into consideration advancements in technology in the construction industry which includes the production of precast concrete.

According to the managing director of KEBS, Bernard Njiraini, the document “Takes into consideration advancement in technology in the production of precast concrete channels, edgings, and quadrants in terms of dimensional requirement”.

“Products intended for use in construction works must be assessed to ensure they conform with the requirements laid down in the approved standards. Construction products concerned must therefore be accompanied with proof of conformity such as certificates and test reports,” he adds.

Why its for us important to follow thees guidlines

Following the quality guidelines set by KEBS and other institutions are significant in helping us provide quality products to all our clients. It also allows our clients to know and understand the quality of products which helps them make an informed decision.

We go a step further and do different tests on our products and various institutions. These tests assure our clients of both the strength and the quality of our precast concrete technology. Through these tests, we can offer our clients robust and workable slab technology that meets their site requirements. It is of better quality and can last for years.

Beam testing at JKUAT

Does our flooring system meet the rquired standards?

The answer is yes. It all lies in both the production and the curing process. Because our products are manufactured at our production yard, challenges that can affect the quality of our products during production, are avoided. The strictly controlled environment allows us to avoid challenges such as temperature and weather, which are the most obvious ones. 

The environment in our yard also has an impact on the curing process. It is key to our beam and block longevity, strength, and better quality. Along with ensuring precise moulding instruction, curing concrete at the yard guarantees it remains as strong as possible even after delivery and installation.

All of this leads to a precast slab that can withstand the loads (Dead and Live) applied to them. And when you consider the fact that it is put to test in the form of commercial and residential floors, slabs, parking garages, septic covers, and other construction projects, quality is an essential characteristic. We cannot compromise on quality.


Technological advances change the way of doing business in areas of the construction industry in today’s competitive business environment. Adopting this new construction trend/technology is a necessity for the success of your construction project. Precast beam and block flooring system solutions can help reduce your construction project by up to 20% compared to the in-situ casting method.

The technology allows us to design concrete floors and slabs with low permeability (fluid can’t pass through and erode the structure) characteristics and stronger. Using our precast beam and block concrete floor, your structures will be able to endure all manner of environmental conditions. Ideally, our floor system lasts for more than 50 years. There are other many benefits of utilizing our precast technology search as speed, find out more by viewing our YouTube channels.

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