Precast beam and block flooring system

Precast beam and block flooring for schools

Learning institutions across the nation are moving toward safety and sustainability. School administrations now more than ever understand the importance of using the best technologies for their school projects, especially when they have a tight project timeline. So do the contractors, engineers and architects. Using our precast beam and block flooring system, we offer engineers and architects the flexibility to meet their clients’ needs.

These are the same reasons learned by administrators and builders planning new schools. We are proud to highlight the use of a precast beam and block flooring system for the canteen extension at the German School Nairobi.

About the project

German School Nairobi is an independent school in Limuru Road, Parklands.  The school aims at providing a safe and caring environment for every student and staff, respectively. The school administration intended to build a new canteen facility to cater for students of an area of 145 square meters.

Client’s Dilemma

Time was a key concern to the school administration. The Administration wanted to avoid time overrun against the contract period. The school was closed for the holidays, and the building of the canteen had to be ready before the new term.

In addition, the client was looking for a system that works well using the original structure and avoid disruptions, which might also affect the project sustainability. It would affect the total cost of the project. With this in mind, the beam and block flooring system proved to be a sensible option.

SOLUTION Using our precast beam and block slab

Our inverted T-beams and blocks can be quickly installed in place after delivery to the site from our production yard in Athi River. This factor allowed the school administration to stick to a tight schedule. The system was equally important because of its excellent fire-resistance, aesthetics, and acoustics benefits.

Our client was satisfied with how the beam and block flooring system. Using our system, the school administration was able to meet the tight timeline. Production, transportation, delivery, and installation of our precast components ensured we completed the project on time and within budget. The school administration, staff, and students find their new Canteen exceptionally comfortable and quiet.


Ecoconcrete precast beam and block products are the ideal solution for all learning institution projects. You can integrate our system into school buildings, as well as any conceivable standing structure. Every investor, engineer, architect, and self-builder can benefit from precast components.

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