beam and block in Diani: a case study

Diani beach encounters numerous cultures that significantly influence life on this beach socially, economically, and even culturally. These influences are also felt across the building and construction sector, where developers embrace advanced construction technology for their projects as we will see in this case study.

The Client requirements

Be it as it may, Diani has well-kept secrets that showcase how marvellous the area can be. Keeping this in mind, the developer found a way of integrating new precast slab technology for his project. At the same time, he wants to adhere to the construction regulations set by the local authorities. The aim is to use beam and block to do an extension and a rooftop and create more room for his build. Since he had used our system in other of his projects, he found it suitable for this project too.

About the Diani project.

The 38m² first-floor area extension and the 116m rooftop area, required a substantial metre of beams and solid lightweight infill blocks to will cover the area and create a work surface that the client would use for other purposes after construction and finishes are done.

Site visit

The importance of a site visits by our engineers cannot be stressed enough. The visit by our engineers in Diani helped us determine different aspects of a project, including:

  • study the general existing structure and its suitability for using our system. 
  • Determine if there are any possible difficulties that we may encounter specifically during installation.
  • Study the foundation and existing structure its load-bearing capacity. 
  • Determine if our flooring system is compatible with the existing structure.
  • physically confirm the site measurements.

Another important aspect of a site investigation is to help determine how safe the project is before moving forward, to avoid any legal implications.

Solution by Ecoconcrete Kenya

The use of our precast beam and block system eliminated the need for the client to use Makuti for his roof. The precast beams together with the infill blocks, incorporated in the design of the house, will help to maintain the construction timeline. After witnessing the installation of another floor and feeling satisfied with the results. The developer is now using our beam and block flooring system in this and other construction projects in Diani. 

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