Did you know that one can save up to 50% of the overall slab cost by using the beam and block slab on black cotton soil? Imagine in this tough economy saving on excavation and backfilling costs as well as reduced time on your construction site.
Property investment in Nanyuki township is a mouth-watering opportunity that one simply cannot pass on. The area has become a property hotspot in recent years, with land prices rapidly escalating. The improved travel, communications infrastructure, increased commercial activity in and around Nanyuki provides an ideal means of investing in the area’s rising market. 
Nanyuki is a cosmopolitan town name derived from Enyaanyukie Maasai’s word for resemblance. In 1907, British immigrants settled in Nanyuki, some of whose descendants still live in and around the town. It became a white district isolated from the rest of the Highlands by the physical barriers of the Laikipia plains, following the completion of the railway up to Kisumu. The British government actively encouraged European settlement in Kenya. Largely to recover the colossal investment in the railway and to create a viable economy in the country. With an ever-growing population that includes settlers, army men, citizens from neighbouring counties, and of course the residents. Nanyuki township had a population of 49,233 in 2009 and 72,813 in the 2019 – Census. This translated to a 6.6% Annual Population Change from 2009 – 2019.

The town is also a proud host of Military men ranging from the Kenya Airforce, Kenya Army, and the British Army Training Unit in Kenya (Batuk).


The great north road

The upgrading of the Great North Road to a dual carriageway between Kenol and Marua, and the revival of the old meter-gauge railway line from Nairobi to Nanyuki will further boost growth in the two. The road expansion is expected to reduce the current commute time from three hours to one and a half hours which will make it closer to the capital, Nairobi, leading to ease in the transportation of goods to and from the region.

Real estate experts project that the rapid development of the town that hosts Laikipia County headquarters and its metropolitan nature could effectively steal the thunder from the neighbouring Nyeri town, formerly the Central Provincial headquarters.

 EcoConcrete Ltd has contributed largely to the development of the town. This is evident in the number of projects completed in the area, from residential houses to holiday homes, and commercial buildings. Beam and block completely circumvent the area’s black cotton soil problem faced by self-builders and contractors allowing them to save time and money during construction. The slab is fully suspended and rests on the ring beam, No major excavation or backfilling is done.


The revival of the Nairobi-Nanyuki railway and the plan by the government to build a storage facility for goods transiting from Nairobi to Ethiopia has also re-energized the economy and created great promise for the already vibrant town. The statistics indicate that within three years the population in Nanyuki will be 3 million. All of these are creating a need and growth in the real estate industry that has experienced a steady rise.

Nairobi - Nanyuki railway
Nanyuki township Airstrip

The airport lies 6.5 km (4.0 mi) south of the town along the highway to Nairobi and serves light aircraft. There are regular flights operated by Air Kenya, Safarilink, and Fly SAX, which are convenient for businessmen and tourists. Tourists can visit several parks and reserves in the vicinity of Nanyuki, the most obvious one being Mount Kenya National Park. The Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club host large numbers of tourists seeking a luxury safari experience.


The growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has also been cited as a reason for the positive real estate outlook. The informal sector is estimated to constitute 98 per cent of business in Kenya, contributing to 83.4 per cent of jobs as of 2018. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Economic Survey.
nanyuki township has experienced an increase in the number of SMEs due to ease in business registration which takes a maximum of 2 weeks. Nanyuki hosts several of these companies such as Mawingu Networks, all Major Banks and SACCO’S, BAT, KNIGHT FRANK, DAVIS & SHIRTLIFF, CMC, and TOYOTA. These companies require office space and housing for employees, hence driving the demand for real estate.


1: Obtain a survey plan from Survey Kenya

One is to visit the Survey of Laikipia offices in the ministry of land departments to obtain a survey plan. A survey plan from the Survey of Laikipia is a required document when applying for a building permit.

You are required to provide proof of land ownership when requesting the survey plan. One is shown the survey plan to confirm that it is the one they have requested then issued with a payment authorization slip to go and pay for the survey plan.

You are then to proceed and pay for the Folio Registry number search: You will be required to produce an authorization of payment for this service. You will be charged Ksh 150 for the number search.

Confirm availability of survey plan and pay for survey plan: After the search is done and availability confirmed. You are to pay Ksh 650 for the survey plan.

2: Obtain a project report from an environmental expert

Once the survey plan has been obtained, a licensed environmental expert is hired to prepare a project report to be submitted to NEMA. The project report can take 5 days to complete and costs approximately Ksh.50,000.

3: Obtain approval of the environmental impact 

The study from National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) takes 30 days on average to get approval. The cost is set at 0.05% of warehouse value, before February 11, 2009, the fee rate was 0.1% of warehouse value. It costs approximately Ksh.10, 000 for an EIA study from NEMA.

4: Submit and obtain approval of the architectural plans from the county council. 

The structural engineer submits the structural and architectural drawings for approval using an online platform development Permit System. and follows the following steps

  • Register with County self-service portal
  • Submit architectural plans
  • Pay for permit fees

The County Council will issue an invoice that must be paid, this can take up to 2-3 weeks to be obtained.

  • iv. Obtain architectural plans approval notification
  • v. Submit architectural plans for signing

The drawings are reviewed by all relevant departments simultaneously. Once the structural and architectural drawings are approved, they will be signed on by the governor.

When all signatures have been obtained, the approved plans are scanned and uploaded to the system so that they can be retrieved by the architect.

Obtain authenticated architectural plans and construction permits. The required documents to be submitted are the following:

  • The proposed development
  • A survey plan from Survey of Kenya
  • Ownership documents
  • Up-to-date rates payment receipts
  • Structural plans

The building permit fee is based on the size of the building. The estimated cost is Ksh.21,000/sq. The fees are as follows:

  • Building plan approval fee: 1% of the estimated cost of construction
  • Construction sign board fee: Ksh.25,000
  • Application fee: Ksh.5,000
  • Inspection of building file: Ksh.5,000
  • Occupation certificate: Ksh.5,000It takes 45 days to get the approval.


A2 nanyuki road

There are three main modes of transport from Nairobi to Nanyuki – Road, Railway, and Air. Nanyuki’s distance from Nairobi is about 147 km. Travelers can get there using private means, a public Matatu, or an overland truck. There is a passenger train from Nairobi to Nanyuki every Friday which takes about 7hours. For faster travel, use local flights to Nanyuki airstrip from Wilson airport.

In Nanyuki town, the most common means of transport are Matatus and local Taxis.


One of the most attractive things about Nanyuki is its Nightlife. The town is lively throughout the week and vibrant over weekends. Traveler’s favorite bars and clubs are Moran Lounge, Downtown, and Checkers Club. There are many restaurants and eateries in Nanyuki town. If you are looking for delicious food, well-brewed coffee, or a place to relax, this town will not disappoint. Among the best places are KFC at Cinder Mall, Dorman’s, Urban Smoke, and the Nook.

The town is growing fast with shopping malls and centers. There are also several local markets with groceries, gifts, and wares. Cinder Mall and Nanyuki Mall are the favorites to many who visit. Fun activities to do in the town include:

  • A Stop at the Equator Crossing
  • Visit to Ol Pejeta Conservancy
  • Climbing Mt. Kenya
  • Exploring the Ngare Ndare Forest
  • Travel North to the Chalbi Desert
  • Visit Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy
  • Hike in search of Mau Mau Caves


It’s reputed to be one of the safest towns in Mt Kenya. One of the reasons is that there are large British and Kenyan military bases in the area. The constant presence of military personnel has made the area rather safe for its residents and tourists as well.

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