How to get a quotation

how to get a quotation: 5 Key Factors we consider

Getting a quotation is an essential procedure when planning a project. The quotation includes all your project expenditures, including site preparation, getting plans, and approvals, constructing and landscaping, flooring, and finishing touches, among other things. In this article, we are going to concentrate on how to get a quotation for our beam and block flooring system.

When it comes to floors, getting a quotation is fundamental for the project to be successful. Most property owners would like to know the cost of our flooring system before making the final decision and placing an order. Getting precise estimates for your build is as crucial as getting the approvals, contractors, and suppliers.

At Ecoconcrete Kenya, we know that your successful completion of your floor project depends on getting an accurate and competitive quotation from our engineers. Below is the criteria we use to determine the general cost of your slab using our system:


Your project usage dictates the cost. For instance, your floor must be capable of bearing the load imposed on it, whether live or dead. Live load include anything that can be moved including furniture and occupants and dead load is “a non varying load which is permanently applied to a structure and acting at all times as opposed to live load” according to the building code.

The load capacity for a residential house is not the same as that of a commercial building.

Material cost

Construction material cost consists of material cost, shipping charges, and taxes applicable. So, it is crucial to consider we consider all these variations when calculating your cost estimates.

Inflation Factor

Some of the construction projects we get involved with continue for years before completion. During this period, the cost of materials, equipment, and labour. All these things vary from time to time, and this affects the price of our products. Our clients need to consider these variations in prices before, during, and after we give them the quotation.

Location of Construction

When the location of the construction project is far away from Nairobi, it increases the project cost because of transportation. The cost of transportation increases with distance and adds to the project cost. However, where the client can do the transport, the price of our product remains the same.

Engineering Review

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out a technical review of a construction project to ensure your build will serve the required purpose with optimum operational and maintenance cost. 

Beam and block quotation procedure

Our Quotation procedure helps in evaluating different aspects of your construction project. After we check and confirm these aspects and get the right dimensions, we will be in the correct position to give you a tailormade quotation for your floor/slab project. We note that our quotation procedure allows our clients to understand what we need to provide them with an accurate estimate for their projects.

Our quotations ensure that our clients are getting the best value for our money. Since it is just the initial stage, the quotation we provide is subject to change depending on components like the client project plans, the budget, location, and the if the plan changes during the construction process. Check out our youtube video on how to get a quotation.

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