Precast beam and block: solution for multi-storey buildings

Standard apartments are becoming a requirement for many residents in Kenya, especially in Nairobi and its surrounding. The plan for building multi-storey apartments is a win-win situation both for the owner and the tenants. The owner makes more money from their project, and the tenants get affordable housing near Nairobi. Precast beam and block for multi-storey apartments has many benefits. This article assesses a multi-storey apartment building in Juja specifying our technology as a solution.


Located in one of the developing places in Juja, Kiambu, this block of six-storey residential apartments. The floor area is 154 m2. Each floor consists of various units and a balcony that will give the tenants a beautiful place to rest.


The client dilemma was that the project was on a small piece of land between other completed and already occupied apartments. With this came the issue of not enough working space and material storage. It was difficult for the client to use the conventional slabbing method because there was inadequate room for materials, preparations, and casting.

Inevitably, the conventional slab casting has proved to be a long and complicated method for the engineer because of multiple delays. The delays impacted the overall completion of the project that the engineer handled in the past, which regularly resulted in disputes between those involved, especially where there is a loan involved, and he wanted to avoid these issues with the current project.

Additionally, the contractor and the engineer had to consider the people living in those other apartments. They need a system that will require minimal labour, reduce movement and noise at the site, won’t require storage space, one that will reduce the overall project construction timeline and .


One of the solutions for the project using our technology is the delays, and it is not always the engineer’s fault. Using beam and block, we provided a technology that allows the engineer and the client to finish their construction on time. Building materials arrived as expected, which prevented other unforeseen events like late delivery of cement, sand, and aggregate that could delay the work.

As you can imagine, building and completing a structurally sound multi-storey apartment can be a little bit difficult with a lack of proper materials and technology. This high quality, durable and high-performance prestressed beam and block floor solution are ideal for residential apartment projects. You can not only use it for the ground floor but also subsequent floors within buildings. We were also able to solve the issue of storage and working and material theft in one go.


Our beam and block flooring system was ideal for this project. With our system, the client can avoid all the hustles and bustles of doing the conventional slabbing method. Our slab technology reduces site theft and complete the project on time and avoid other issues. That means the client can start earning from his project earlier than expected, which is an added advantage.

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