Grouting in beam and block

Grouting In Beam and Block Slab Technology

Grouting is an essential part of the beam and block floor installation process. Once the beams and block are in place, you will need to grout the surface and to follow the right  grout application procedure, which means the difference in the performance of your floor over time. Grouting allows everything to come together as one. Instead of appearing like a collection of individual beams and blocks and starts looking more like a finished slab.

grout and grouting?

Grout is generally a mixture of sand, cement, and water mixed together to create a slurry, dense mixture. The mixture then acts as a filler or sealant to fill up unwanted voids and openings that may cause the water seepage, debris or any particulate matter left on the surface after the installation.

Similarly, the grout is used as a reinforcement or strengthening technique that allows the beams and blocks to act together as one surface and imposed loads generally remain stable during the structure’s shelve life.

Traditionally, there are different types of grouting available, especially for tiles. But when it comes to beam and block the most advised one is the cement grout, which includes a mixture of cement and sand at a ratio of 1:3. Once you have your materials, you are ready to mix.

Why do you need grouting in beam and block?

Understandably, some people have a love-hate relationship with grouting, especially because there is screeding/topping. However, ignoring this important step may come with expensive consequences.

In some instances, applying screeding without grout will do the job, but for better results, you need to grout the surface before screeding. With these considerations, here are other advantages associated with grouting after beam and block installation.

Creates uniformity

While all our beams and blocks are of the same size and shape, there might be slight variation during and after installation. While you will not see the difference by just looking at the installed slab, in other instances, it is obvious. Applying the grout allows your floor to be even, and the difference in variation won’t be noticeable.

Help keep debris and dirt from getting between or under the slab before screeding. 

Without grout, the gaps left behind are likely to be filled with dirt and dust. Grout fills all the gaps on the floor, making sure you have a clean surface before applying the screed.

Prevent damage, strengthens the floor/slab and increase its load bearing capacity

Grouting acts as a binding glue that holds everything firmly in place and prevents the shifting of blocks. It also prevents damages and increases the load-bearing capacity of the floor or slab. 

Making the grout summary;

  1. Mix the cement and sand together until they are properly mixed.
  2. If needed, add waterproof  powder
  3. Add water to sand and cement mix in the recommended ratio.
  4. Let grout rest as you prepare your surface
  5.  Mix thoroughly once more before application.

The mixture hardens over time, once applied and left to cure.

Grouting Application in beam and block

The use of beam and block ready slabs greatly reduces site preparations. However, Once the floor laying is completed, grouting placement should be done. To facilitate grouting, the surface needs to be prepared beforehand. The preparation of the surface includes:

  • Remove all debris, dust and other loose materials.
  • Clean-out the surface.
  • Watering the surface. 
  • Apply the grout using a shovel and a broom

  • beam and block surface without grout
  • preparing Grout
  • Applying the grout


Grouting in beam and block majorly increases the floor loading capabilities and strengthens the floor by filling the voids left behind after installation. Proper grout placement assures soundness of the floor/slab and eliminates costly repairs that will appear when grouting is not applied. Because of the high water content in the grout, it best serves merely to fill gaps and not as a binding material. Hence the need for screeding.

Are you ready for your beam and block slab/floor installation? We look forward to talking to working together with you toward achieving your goals. Just give us a call.

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