PCEA Kimende School Project

Fast Track your construction: Kimende school Case Study

Technology plays a part in addressing the challenges surrounding your project. For some time now, most people, business entities and investors have been looking for a construction technique that will help them fast track their construction to meet timelines without compromising the integrity of the structure. Hence the arrival of beam and block technology, which allow investors, organizations, and individuals to finish their projects in time.

Learning institutions are real examples of projects that have adopted and embraced this technology. Our project in Kimemde is one such project that utilized the benefits of the precast beam and block technology to fast track the construction.

About the project

PCEA Kimende primary is in the county of Kiambu, in Kimende. The project had started a few years ago however stalled at the ground floor level with only the wall work having been done. It needed to be fast-tracked for the new community of learners who were due to report for the new term.

Client’s dilemma

Time and quantity of materials were the key factors of concern to the client. The fact that the schools were about to starts for the new term and the building was not ready to accommodate the students and staff become a big challenge for the client. With this in mind, the client was looking for a product that would fast track their project and make sure the building was ready when the time comes. Beam and block technology would not only help them achieve their goals, but it was also a sensible option in various ways as the client found out.

Solution by EcoConcrete Kenya

The client adopted this technology because it was a faster method of construction. It reduced the overall project time, thus accounting for easy and early project completion and cost reduction. It also indirectly had impacts on the conservation of materials, waste reduction and was environmentally friendly.

Evidence from this school project proves that conventional technology alone cannot cater for every construction requirement. Hence the need for adopting the Precast construction technology.


Precast beam and block technology have a lesser dependency on the labour force, which helps in the sequencing and scheduling of the project. The project has proven that the precast technique improves the building’s performance, including cost reduction and shortened construction time.

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