beam and block system: A family house in ngong.

Who among us doesn’t want to own a home? We all have that dream, but when it comes to those who live abroad, the procedure might be long and tiring, depending on time and cost. There is also a risk of losing their saving if they don’t have the right people for the job. That’s why it is important to get it right from the word go.

About the project

The recent project we did in Ngong was for a client who resides in the USA but wanted to build a family home here in Kenya. The family house would sit on a private piece of land at the outskirts of Ngong Town in kajiado county. The ground floor would occupy an area of 170 m 2 and the first floor 160m2.

Client’s dilemma

The client had a limited time to finish his project as he wanted to be back in the US on time to continue with his other businesses back in the US. So, his priority was to find a construction technology that will dramatically reduce building time.

Via Facebook, the client was able to get in touch with us and we were able to present him with a flooring system that will not only dramatically reduce his construction time and the overall cost of the project among other benefits.

Solution by Ecoconcrete kenya

The decision to use our beam and block flooring system for this project dramatically reduced the project’s construction time and costs and help to cut maintenance costs, which would lower the cost even further.

Other interesting aspects the client’s noticed include the fact that:

  • Our precast flooring system was not weather dependant.
  • Beams and blocks were relatively easy to transport and install
  • The flooring system was lightweight compared to conventional slab
  • It eliminated the need for formwork
  • He could make use of unskilled labour
  • It eliminated the risk of material theft at the site

Using pre-cast in this project was the idea of “core services” that house the plumbing and electricity installations which might be very expensive during installation. Our ready floor system allowed the plumber and electrician the install the conduits without interfering with our floor system or us interfering with their job.


Pre-cast flooring systems help to significantly reduce your construction project construction duration. It does away with some inconveniences such as the time needed for the conventional slab to dry or set. It offers a more feasible and more importantly, replicable, solution with the intelligent mixing of materials to create a system that is structurally intelligent and cost-effective.

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