Flat roof slab system: 7 benefits you shouldn’t ignore

If you have visited big cities, especially Nairobi or the Coast, you might have already spotted flat-roofed structures in these places. Once perceived as a roofing type for the ancient, the flat roofs are making a comeback and seems to be gaining traction in recent times. 

Flat roofs are becoming more and more desirable as they can typically be used in most housing projects, including commercial and residential buildings. The quick turnaround coupled with cost-effectiveness means, you can benefit more from your rooftops once you decide to go with this choice. 

Beam and block technology for flat roof

The Beam and Block system is a slab system consisting of precast T-beams and lightweight infill solid or hollow blocks. The slab system has a lot to offer in regards to flat roofs, being quicker and easier to install when used for flat roofs. Here are seven beam and block flat roof slab benefits to consider when it comes to choosing your roof.

Benefits of beam and block system flat roof slab system


Beam and block flat roof slab system is economical compared to other types of roofs like the pitched timber roof. Since commercial structures are huge properties, expect to save more when using this system than other roofing types and materials.

Prevent leakages

When installed properly, beam and block flat roof slab system prevent leakages that occur along the valleys/ridges of a pitched timber/steel roof. For starters, the roof is not completely flat as the name suggest but laid to a 1:4 or less, to ensure the rainwater drains well to the lower side. Then meticulous waterproofing is done to drain the rainwater well and avoid leakage.

Extra working space for various functions

The use of beam and block flat roof slabs have begun to be popular because of the flexibility to use it as a working space, temporary shelter, rooftop garden or till a future vertical extension is taken place. You can easily convert your beam and block flat roof into a drying yard, a resting area, or a storage area. The idea is that it gives the owner an extra usage area at the top level.

Low Maintenance

Another humanistic advantage of the roof is maintenance. After some time, it may accumulate moulds, debris dirt, stains, and other external elements. However, you can easily remove these things from the surface using professional services occasionally. Some may also opt to do it by themselves, but while this may guidance from the experts is imperative. It makes the to make the procedure a success.

Long-Term Investment

If it is a commercial building, you always must think about the long-term investment. If you need a long-term roofing partner to meet your business goals, the beam and block flat roof system is an ideal choice.

HIGH IMPACT RESISTANCE and increase the robustness of the structures

Further, beam and block roof slabs increase the robustness of the structures. It provides an additional cyclonic resistance which is important against the current climate change around the world. The system also has high impact resistance abilities. Apart from the foot traffic, this roofing system can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Less disruptive and faster installation process

In general, the flat roofing system takes much lesser time to install. If you are renovating your commercial building, you will be glad to know that flat roof installation won’t interrupt your daily operations if the roof is being applied to an already existing building.


Beam and block flat roofs have a neat, sleek, and compact appeal. For both residential and commercial properties, the roof creates a modern atmosphere that strengthens your building image. It is also applicable if you are rebranding or redesign your property.

This system is meant to reduce construction costs whilst maintaining the client’s expectations and quality. However, despite these benefits, there are also some drawbacks which you should consider. Without the right contractor and training, your flat roof can become a major problem.

At Ecoconcrete, we want all our customers to understand the benefits and downside of flat roofs to make an informed decision. Beam and block technology, although simplistic and minimal, it exudes an aura of beauty and elegance, when used on flat roofs. At the end of the day, it’s the building owner’s peace of mind that matters.

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