Septic Tank system

Septic tank slab using beam and block technology

Septic tank slab systems are designed to collect, process, treat and dispose of household waste back to nature safely. The whole idea behind the treatment systems is to avoid environmental pollution, which may lead to environmental-related diseases. Therefore, there is a need to be extremely careful during the installation phase of the system to avoid any future complications. 

Following these considerations, our client was looking to identify a suitable septic slab solution for the newly constructed septic tank on the property. Our engineers were to work along with the contractor who carried out the construction of the existing structure and help to construct a safe slab for the tank.

Project details

The project consisted of only a septic tank slab of an area of 34m². Other components of the slab would include a 150 mm Thick Slab and a 50mm screed and grouting with a nominal 1:3 sharp cement mix, which was to be done by the client after the beam and block installation phase.

The client’s dilemma

The client was looking for a slab that will not only serve its purpose and keep the tank safe but also comply with the guidelines stated in the building code. The client was looking for:

  • A very durable option
  • An Environment-resistant technology that will withstand the climate change, changing soil conditions, tree roots, or other problems.
  • A Low maintenance slab.

EcoConcrete septic tank Slab solution

Due to the nature of the project and the parameter, we needed to use a unique solution. A solution that would meet all the client’s requirements regarding the timeline and the system cover.

The solution we came up with involved using our beam and block technology for the slab. The technology would meet all the client’s requirements. That would include zero to minimal damage to the already existing system and meeting the timeline.

Moreover, it would also be economical to use Beam & Block slab system, as it saved the client the challenges of erecting and demolishing the shutters in the tanks.


All in all, beam and block technology proved to be reliable, easy to install, cost-efficient and time-saving. The slab was in place, and the unit was operational on time.

Do you have a similar project for your residential or commercial projects? Are you looking for time-saving and cost-effective solutions? Contact us today. We will discuss your project, your requirements, and the suitable solution possible.

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