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Professional Beam & Block flooring

Our Mission:
“We want to be your supplier of choice when it comes to selecting a floor slab.  We want you, our customer to have a positive experience dealing with us and we aim to give you the best advice and solution for your needs.”
We believe that our product has the versatility, the security and the functionality that our customers demand.  Our product is backed up by a team of qualified Engineers and undergoes regular quality testing to ensure that what  we deliver to our client is fit for purpose.  Our in house design team ensures that our product fits in with your design , we take into consideration the intended usage of the floors to ensure that the loading requirements of the slab are built to design specifications.

About EcoConcrete

Formed in 2018, EcoConcrete Ltd is a manufacturer of Beam and Block Flooring. 

This is an existing technology that, whilst new to Kenya, has been in development and become an increasingly popular option for builders since the 1970s. This structural option now has a market share in UK of approximately 40%.The structure’s basic design has remains unchanged T-shaped precast concrete beams are laid in rows suspended on the inner leaf of the main walls. The gaps between the beams are then infilled with blocks.

EcoConcrete Ltd is an affiliated company to Somers Engineering Ltd Somers Engineering Limited was established in 1987, a Multi discipline Engineering Services Company. Somers Engineering Limited provides specialised engineering solutions for structures. This affiliation assures customers of the integrity of our system. Every floor we produce is checked by an engineer against the design of the building for loadings span and functionality.

EcoConcrete has been a supplier in a variety of different projects since its inception from shopping malls, cold rooms, houses, multi storeys, warehouses, sports and community halls, churches, as well as it has been used in civil works projects such as water tanks, septic tanks, culverts, carparks, flat roofs etc.. This proves the versatility and flexibility in design and use of the product.

With our production yard in Athi River and a large investment in our plant and equipment we are in a strong position to cater for the challenges that our customers bring to us.

Our Head office is situated in Doctors Park, 3rd Avenue and is convenient for our customers to come and visit.

Our Expert team



Gerald Taylor is the co-founder of  EcoConcrete Ltd, which specializes in Beam & Block flooring solutions. He has over 30 Years of experience in general contracting and property development.


Technical Advisor

Arjan Shankla is the Managing Director of Somers Engineering Ltd and a Co-Founder of EcoConcrete Ltd He is a Fellow of Institution of Civil Engineers and Fellow of Institution of Structural Engineers. He has over 40 years of experience in design, investigation and repair and retrofitting of structures.


General Manager

Hemal Patel is a civil/Structural Engineer with 15 years of experience in Coordinating and executing projects in East and central Africa. He holds a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Australia.


Sales Manager / QS

Martin Atebe is a quantity surveyor with 4 years post graduate experience in tender preparation, contract administration and projects’ cost control. He holds a bachelor’s degree in quantity surveying from the University of Nairobi. He is also a graduate member of Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya.

Paul Kiarie

Key Accounts Manager / Engineer

Paul Kiarie is a civil/Structural Engineer with 10 years of experience in Coordinating and executing projects in East and central Africa. He holds a Bachelor in Civil Engineering Degree from JKUAT University.


Technical Sales

Dickson is a Technical Field Sales Representative, with a Diploma in Civil Engineering and extensive background in the construction industry. He has been with EcoConcrete since our inception and is an expert in Beam & Block floor system.

Free value engineering

Our in House Engineers asses the designs given as part of scope.

  1. We will produce Beam and Block drawings from the design given and submit working drawings for use on site.
  2. We provide an independent assessment of your design and recommend any improvements or alterations to the design that may provide a value enhancement to you as the client.

Free installation training

Our team will be there to support you all the way, be that with reading the technical drawings or simply training your team on how to install the Beam & Block flooring. We have got you covered, one of our team will supervise every step of the process. 

Easy to handle, quick to install

Simple all-weather method of construction that you can install using unskilled labour.

No shuttering for the slab

Not only shuttering, there is also no need of laying reinforcement for the slab as the floor is structural itself.

Immediate working platform

As soon as the floor is laid it can be used and walked upon. It is fire resistant with good thermal insulation.

Reduced theft of material from site.

The floor is delivered as a finished product to site, Reduces the need for large quantities of cement & aggregates on site.

Minimum site preparation work

No compaction, no slab excavations, or back-fill of hard core, and no need of shuttering for the slab.

Reduced construction cost

Cost effective with minimum labor, no propping and shuttering required and its faster.

Membership & Affiliations

Either directly or through our partner business of Somers Engineering we are members or affiliated with many organisations in the field of construction and engineering.

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