A look around our floor slab production yard

How is Beam & Block made? How does it work? These are two questions we are always being asked at Ecoconcrete about our precast beam and block floor slab technology. Beam & Block is the fastest and most robust way to construct a solid slab. But why? What makes Beam & Block so easy to install and structurally sound? Well to answer these questions you first have to look at how we make a beam and block floor and understand our production process.

In this video, we take a look at the precast beam and block production process at our purpose-built yard in Athi River. Our Managing Director will talk through our manufacturing method and show you how we create the strength in our beams, as well as the talk about curing times, testing and much, much more.

At Ecoconcrete all our floors are made to measure to ensure we meet our client’s requirements exactly. In this video, you will see how we do this and also learn about the many advantages of using a beam and block floor slab.

Our technology provides a great alternative to the traditional concrete slab, offering many benefits, including:

  • Removing the uncertainty of foundation costs, where ground conditions result in more extensive and costly foundation construction,
  • Much quicker than conventional footings,
  • More accurate bearing level

This allows our clients to finish their projects quickly and without much inconvenience. Our concrete beam and block are specifically manufactured to match your project requirements and specifications. For more about Beam & Block visit our website www.ecoconcrete.co.ke.

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