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concrete slab technology: AIPCA Dandora School

Schools are among the most significant structures in any community. These structures are a necessity for the younger generation as well as for the staff that work at these institutions. With teachers and students spending not less than six hours in the school building, it can be tough to conduct sustainable education programs without proper structure. Hence the need for a safe, secure place where teachers can teach, pupils can learn and grow and others in the compound enjoy working. Without up-to-date building, learning can be interrupted or slowed, and this is where our concrete slab technology comes in.

About the project

This 300m² project was from a decision by the management to expand the AIPCA School in response to the growing number of new students joining the school. They also wanted to include upper grades and needed new classrooms to accommodate the new students and staff.  

Clients’ dilemma

Initially, the management wanted to use the conventional sab, which would have delayed the completion of the school. In addition, they were looking for a far better, safer and secure system that won’t endanger students and the staff at the school. One that will reduce noise during learning. Our sales technicians and engineers proposed an alternative solution in beam and block to help solve these issues. After consultation among board members, they refocused their strategy and authorized the use of beam and block technology.

Site visit by our concrete slab technology technicians

If we were to offer a better solution than the conventional slab using our beam and block technology, we need to make site visits to better understand the project and find the way forward.

Our sales technicians met with the officials assigned to oversee the construction project to discuss what they wanted. They also wanted to know if our technology would help in fast-tracking the construction process. We also needed to assess the structural integrity of the existing structure before we proceeded to use our technology for the upper floors.

Solution by Ecoconrete

The use of beam and block technology for the project allows for sufficient time for construction to continue. The management is pleased by the simplicity, sturdiness, and safeness of our technology. With our beam and block technology, they can continue with the project without disruptions. It saves on cost in terms of labour, curing time and overall time they have taken to finish the construction.

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