Kitengela township


Kitengela township is often described as “the best of both worlds” for its closeness to Nairobi, rural feel, affordable land, as well as collaborative and friendly nature of its residents. It is one of the fastest-growing areas according to the 2019 census. Its population has tripled since 2009. Its quick expansion is attributed to a massive influx of middle-class people.

Kitengela has evolved from being rural to an essentially urban setting. Small and intermediate urban centres are particularly important for regions undergoing rapid economic and social transformation. Due to their size and structure, such centres have the potential to deal with problems of urbanization and development in a more flexible way than large cities.

Popularly known as “Kite!!!” the fastest growing Nairobi suburb in Kajiado County is among the top three locations, that have benefited from the rapid growth of Nairobi city. In the last few years, middle-class Nairobians bought land and put up their own houses in the area.

A while back, the area’s economy was pegged on livestock and slaughterhouses. Wildlife roamed the land and only a few non-Maasai dared to settle here. Today, new buildings consisting of maisonettes, bungalows and apartments occupy much of what used to be grazing land.


30 kilometres south of Nairobi, the area began as the Kitengela group ranch made up of 18,292 ha and 214 registered members. They were subdivided in 1988 in efforts by the Government to encourage private land ownership in pastoral systems. The was to intensify and commercialise livestock production. After the subdivision of the group ranch, land fragmentation and sales have continued at a steady and escalating pace. The town is part of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area. The human population within the Kitengela area has increased, from 6548 in 1989 to 58,167 in 2009.


Kitengela is the go-to suburb for gated communities, own compound houses and self-build houses of different designs. The area has the most affordable land compared to any other area in Nairobi Metropolitan. 

The town has grown fast and now has major hospitals, supermarkets, companies, universities and high-cost private schools. Private universities and about ten major banks have set up branches in the area. It also has five cement factories which have created a lot of investment opportunities in the area, especially in the real estate sector. 

Ecoconcrete beam and block slab solution has contributed largely to the urbanisation of kitengela. This is evident by the number of projects done in the past few years. The area is known for its predominant expansive soil texture ( Black cotton) which is usually difficult to construct without excavating to reach a stable soil level. Ecoconcrete slab solution has eliminated the hustle of excavating and backfilling. The slab is suspended above the ground and rests on the ground beam or foundation walls. Many residents of Kitengela have preferred this system because it cuts up to 50% of the ground floor slab installation. Simply leave the soil intact and build above it.

Tarmacking of the Kitengela bypass at St. Monica in the Kitengela ward is currently underway. The construction of the road project which is fully funded by the Kajiado County Government is expected to ease traffic along the main Namanga Road.

The road will serve as a by-pass from Kitengela Medical off EPZ Road to Deliverance Road through Kitengela Catholic Church. According to Geoffrey Araka, the surveyor in charge of the project, the upgrading of the road is expected to change the face of Kitengela and boost economic growth by attracting more investors into the town.


land for sale
Land in kitengela

Kitengela township is a prime location for those who want to invest. The average price of land for sale is KSh 1,350,000 per plot and Ksh14,000,000 per acre. The most expensive land costs KSh5,000,000 per plot while the cheapest costs KSh599,000 per plot. 

Properties have increased by 2.4% over the last year due to rapid population growth. Rental houses at the rate of 6.9%, Detached houses at 4.7%, semi-detached houses at 0.6%, and apartments at 5.2% which was the strongest growth recorded.

There are about 19.1% of listings available for sale in Kitengela usually listed by estate agents. Content from Hass property index. The surge in property demand was due to the increased population, and this, in turn, caused an increase in land and property prices. However, there are still a few nice parcels that are nicely priced.


Approval of Building Plans is a process undertaken by a government to ensure that buildings are constructed safely for human habitation and as per the Government’s planning control.

For example, the approval process checks whether the building is safe and structurally sound and whether the building materials proposed are also safe for human habitation.
The process also checks if the proposed development is within the council’s long-term plans e.g. in the Karen area, each house is to be within a minimum of 0.5-acre plot, in Nairobi CBD, each building must be high density, high-rise, etc.

Architectural drawings


  1. Architect/landowner presents the drawings to Kajiado council Office assistant planner.
  2. Assistant planner checks if all documents are there i.e., copy of title, all drawings, site plans, survey plans. Mutation plans, architect’s registration certificate, etc.
  3. If all necessary documents are there, assistant planner asks architect/landowner to pay KES 500 to the council cashier to get the application form.
  4. At the cashier’s office, it’s a mandatory requirement that for architect/landowner to purchase the forms, he must have a copy of search or title deed.
  5. After purchase of the application form and the application is filled appropriately, all the documents are taken to the Planner for checking. If they meet the minimum requirements, the approval application fees can now be paid after the planner gives a Go-ahead.
  6. After the council fees are paid, the drawing now circulates to the necessary personnel to get the approval stamps. This process takes a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 2 months.
  7. After the drawings are stamped by all the above representatives, they are returned by the architect/landowner back to the Planner for the final approval stamp accompanied by an approval letter. The final approval stamp plus the letter is what is termed as a building plan approval and will be later used by the banks etc.
  8. All the above process will take between 2 weeks to 2 months to complete depending on the intervention of the architect/landowner in each of the above offices. The architect/landowner must be available to promptly answer each department’s queries.
  9. The council fees are in two stages- [a]the fees payable directly to the Council for services rendered by the council
    [b] fees payable directly to the Government Ministries offering other services e.g., Public Works, Health, Land.
  10.  Where necessary as deemed by the council Planner, a change of user is done by a registered physical planner as an independent consultant. He then lodges it for approval at the council together with the architectural drawings. The landowner enters into an independent agreement with a registered planner for him to offer this service.


Kitengela township relies mostly on road transport and its vast road networks. The area is also served by the Nairobi Namanga Highway. The nearest railway station is the Syokimau railway station and the nearest air infrastructure is the Orly airstrip.

To get to Kitengela, If you are using public means, and you are coming from Nairobi town centre, board a bus (number 110) from the railway’s bus terminus. It’s a 30-minute drive when traffic is clear. When using personal means one can either use Mombasa Road or the newly commissioned expressway.


Near Kitengela town is the Maasai Ostrich Park, a popular tourist destination 7 km off Nairobi city. It is most famous for its Nyama Choma joints, Within a radius of one kilometre, one is simply spoilt for choice, from eateries with manicured lawns and clean swimming pools, or taverns with heavy, hazy, air from the roasting meat. Kitengela is considered a haven gateway for Nairobians, there are a couple of entertainment joints in Kitengela, but the favourite spot for many remains the Arusha Meat Den; it might not boast the best décor or ambience but it’s known for the good food n service they offer.


Kitengela’s main police station is right on Namanga Road, just before you enter the town from Nairobi. Many people refer to it as ‘Roadblock.’ There is also an AP camp, right next to the Kitengela open-air market. This has made the area safe with the constant presence of police.


Kitengela is a serene cosmopolitan town that forms part of the ever-expanding Nairobi Metropolitan Area. It is a developing town with a guaranteed growth potential making it a foremost hub of gated community houses for sale in the Nairobi area.

It gives you a home and offers you countless business opportunities being a rapidly developing town – offering unique chances to those ready to seize the moment. Kitengela, as locals say, gives you the best of both worlds; a comfortable peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the city and at the same time easier access to Nairobi for those working in the city.

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