Case Study – Karen Hills – Signature Homes

When you think of construction price is a topic you cannot shy away from. A cost-effective project that will give you desired results in durability and versatility. With the rising cost of construction materials like steel and cement, precast has become a much-preferred option for signature homes because of its various advantages which include.

  • Predetermined cost of construction.
  • Reduced construction time.
  • Quality assurance and durability.
  • Reduced wastage.


The signature homes project is a multi-storey residential building covering about 625 square meters on an acre plot of land. It has six bedrooms all ensuite, a pavilion, a swimming pool, and a parking area. Construction commenced 2 months ago and is currently at the 1st-floor slab installation by the precast beam and block. The projected completion time is six months.


When construction commenced the client had not heard of EcoConcrete beam and block slab solution. He ended up using conventional methods on the ground floor slab, which was very costly due to the fluctuating prices of construction materials. This resulted in an overstretch of the anticipated budget in mind.

Time was also an issue since the project experienced unforeseen delays, plus the added days for concrete curing.


The EcoConcrete team worked around the clock to ensure production and on time delivery of the precast slab. Installation commenced immediately with supervision from one of our engineers who oversee the whole process to ensure zero chances of errors in the signature homes.

Beam and block slab installation
Beam and block slab installation


Prioritizing the client’s needs, we delivered a ready slab with a predetermined cost of construction. This allowed the client more control of his project with no hidden or fluctuating figures after the quotation.

The fast and easy installation of beams and blocks provided a ready working platform and construction continued immediately. No delays or waiting periods.


With increased prices of steel and cement, precast is a preferred option to many. The client was pleased with the beam and block system, it solved all the challenges he experienced while using the traditional method. The project continued at the pace he expected.

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