Beam and block installation in a remote location

Case Study – Eldoret Multi-Story Building

The use of Beam and Block on multi-story/commercial buildings is an ideal solution that ensures structural integrity. Precast is often stronger than cast-in-place concrete. Not only are they reinforced with steel rebar, but the controlled curing process also ensures that the concrete will set correctly under ideal conditions for maximized strength. This assures the structural integrity of your multistorey/commercial building. On matters of cost, there are massive savings on labour and materials used.

About the project

The project is a multi-story residential building in Eldoret, a principal town in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, Uasin Gishu County. The residential building has 6 floors, Each floor with 4 one-bedroom houses. On an acre piece of land, the residential building covers approximately 226 m2 on the ground floor and upper floors.

Construction of the residential multi-story building commenced in April 2022 and the estimated completion time is May 2023. Currently, installation of the 6th floor is underway using the precast beam and block

Client Dilemma

The owner of the residential multi-story building wanted a solution that will allow him control over the construction period and matters of cost. The nature of the construction project clearly indicates it’s a business investment venture and maximization of profits was key.

Solutions by Ecoconcrete

Considering the client’s dilemma EcoConcrete delivered a ready slab, fast and easy to install with no site preparation. This allowed the client to save time on the formwork, shuttering, and concrete curing period. The floor solution also helped the client save money on metal works on every floor and provided a definite budget to work on. With the pace at which construction is progressing, it’s safe to say the client will not be disappointed.

Site visit

Beam and block installation in a remote location
ring beam
Beam and block installation in a remote location


With rather fluctuating prices in construction materials, you are on the safer side working with precast solutions as seen in this case study.

Precast is known for its various advantages which include.

  1. Predetermined cost of construction.
  2. Quality assurance and durability.
  3. Construction time reduction.
  4. Reduced wastage.

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