Case Study-CBC Additional Classes

When Kenya initiated the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) in 2017, it was clear many changes were expected in teaching, learning, assessment of learners, and construction of additional classrooms. In what is a major departure from the rote memorisation of the content of the 8-4-4 system, CBC aims at instilling core values and practical skills and competencies to ensure every learner seamlessly transitions from the school to the work environment.

CBC infrastructure was brought to ensure a smooth transition, in the additional classes process hence the CBC infrastructure project was developed. The government directed that only local contractors would be allowed to win the tenders for the construction of classrooms to ensure that the community benefited from the change.

About the project

The little angel’s academy is in Thika Town, Kiambu County. The school starts from pre-schoolers to Junior high and it has been in operation for several years now. Ever since the CBC implementation, the owners of the school began a project to expand the learning facility with additional classrooms to adequately guide each learner to achieve maximum potential at their own pace. 

The additional classrooms are being constructed in stages, the first stage was a building occupying approximately 180 m2 on the ground floor and upper floors as well. It has a total of 8 additional classrooms. Construction commenced in mid-February and the estimated completion period is by end of march.

Clients’ dilemma

Based on the nature and urgency of the project the owner of the learning facility wanted a slab solution that would be cost-effective, fast, and easy to construct minimising waste on the construction site. This is because the facility was still being used by the students thus, he wanted minimal disruption in learning.

Site visit

Beam and block slab installation
precast slab installation
precast slab installation

Solution by Ecoconcrete

Considering the client’s dilemma, we provided a precast beam and block solution slab solution that was made off the site and delivered as a finished product ready to install in a matter of days with zero waste production. With on-time delivery, we ensured time was adhered to eliminating delays on site.

Ecoconcrete provided a clean and tidy site that did not interfere with learning or other co-curriculum activities.


Ecoconcrete has aided the Government of Kenya to deliver durable and cost-effective CBC classrooms in a timely manner ensuring the learner’s calendar is not compromised in any way.

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