Beam and Block for Apartments: a case study

Beam and block technology for apartments is quickly gaining ground as one of the most common flooring systems. The technology can be used for apartments because of its efficiency and time-saving properties. It also provides a solid structural base and quicker returns, as our client found out when used on her apartment project.

Client requirements

The client wanted to use the conventional concrete slab as she had done on the ground slab she came across our beam and block system slab technology through a referral.

Her primary interest was finding a slab technology designed and built for stability, strength, and durability. These were his high priorities and this slab technology was an ideal option that catered for all her needs.

About the beam and block APARTMENT project 

This apartment building is situated in Nakuru adjacent to other structures. The building consists of a ground floor which was already in place when the client contacted us. A 1st-floor and 2nd-floor slab, both of them 125M². After the installation grouting and a 150mm screed will be applied on top.

Solution By Ecoconcrete

The client considered this technology because it provided added benefits when compared to the conventional slab system. Some of the benefits our system has when used on apartments include:

  • It doesn’t need time to cure
  • No formwork is required
  • Easier to assemble
  • Allows for a variety of surface finishes

With these and other factors, the slab technology was definitely ahead of its competitors.

After production, the precast, prestressed beams and blocks were at the site on time. The only thing required for the installation to begin was a few labourers and a competent site supervisor. 

Our engineer offered one-day installation process training. The rest was easy as they only needed to follow the instructions during installation.

Essentially, the system reduced the client’s construction costs whilst maintaining her expectations and quality of works. Once they completed the ground floor slab installation, an immediate surface was ready for work to continue.

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