Precast beam and block installation

Precast Beam and Block for Residential Houses

Precast concrete beam and block flooring system is fast becoming an alternative to the traditional concrete slabbing theory. The beam and block ready slab represent an efficient alternative for builders in Kenya. The conventional slab system presents many challenges to builders, such as material theft, labour, and poor installation. Also, the client must wait for it to cure for 14 to 21 days after installation.

EcoConcrete was asked to provide the beam and block flooring system as a solution for the residential house in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

About the project

The selected building was a proposed residential house under, referred to us by a client we had worked with on other projects and was satisfied with the quality and our products and services. The project consisted of:

  • The ground floor slab – 266 M ²
  • First-floor slab – 266M²,
  • A flat roof slab – 320m ².

Client’s dilemma

The client was looking for an appropriate floor system for the given building, which offers added advantages like fast construction, good quality, easy installation, cost competitiveness etc. The client wanted a solution that will reduce material theft at the site and one that he won’t have to wait for 21 days to cure before continuing with construction.

The solution by EcoConcrete

At EcoConcrete, we understand that every client has their expectations, and each site has different requirements. That’s why when delivering our products and services, we make sure that they are specified to suit the site requirements and fulfil the client’s expectations.

To excel in offering this client high-quality products and services, we sent our technical team for a site visit and to take the measures. We also made sure to get the structural and architectural drawing of the project, then went ahead to give the client a competitive price.

After the materials were on site, it was time for installation, which was done quickly and easily following the advice and training of the technical team from our company. The ground, first, and roof floor slab installation was relatively easy, as the procedure was the same.

In the end, we were able to meet the client deadline, meet the site requirements, whilst maintaining the client’s expectations and quality of works with our precast beam and block slab system.

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