Lack of storage space on the site: LESSONS FROM A PROJECT

When it comes to the use of beam and block floor/slab technology in construction, the technology is extensively gaining popularity in Kenya. This is particularly true of multistorey buildings. The technology can be used for different purposes, including apartments slabs and flat roofs. The case study focuses on one residential apartment construction project located in the Dagoretti constituency, Riruta area, Kabiria. The aim was to solve the lack of storage space at the site.

General description of thE multistorey building

The residential complex is in a developing neighbourhood in Dagoretti. The location of the build is a walking distance of the main road that connects Dagoretti market and Kawangware. The type of soil in the area is red soil, which in itself is not as complex as when dealing with black cotton soil. Each floor accommodates at least six families

Clients’ dilemma

The issues that arose in this project are not uncommon. But the most pressing issue for this client was the fact that he didn’t have enough space for material storage, in particular, the cement and sand to do a conventional slab. Theft at the site, was another issue, particularly because if he had to buy material, they have to be store outside the compound. 

Solution by EcoConcrete

Regarding these issues, our sales technicians proposed the use of beam and block as it would solve most of the client dilemmas. We were able to solve the issue with our technology. The slab technology means:

  • It requires less storage space on the site
  • Minimal wastage on site
  • It is quick to install
  • Reduces theft material at the site

It took less time for the client to get the job done and move from one floor to another with ease. 


The objective was to finish the project in time and solve the issue of lack of storage space. Using a technology that addresses our client’s issues and one that has minimal impact on the environment.

Overall, the building is a successful ongoing project as we have managed to incorporate our beam and block floor system on all floors. We are pleased with how the project is coming up, and the client is satisfied with our product and services.

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