BEAM AND BLOCK: is it cheaper than the conventional slab?

Is precast Beam & Block concrete slab more economical than a conventional slab? Our answer is always 100% yes. We at Ecoconcrete state that Beam and Block is cheaper than a conventional slab, but how can we show it? 

Kenya is a very price-sensitive market. Normally, within two minutes of speaking to a client, the above question arises in one form or another. What are the factors that affect the price ?

The cost of materials

The fact is the materials we use in making the concrete is the same that everyone else uses. Therefore the price that we buy our materials at and the price you buy the materials at are the same. However, there may be a slight variation between the precast Beam and Block Slab and the conventional slab depending on your negotiation skills. Therefore, if you compare just the materials cost per square meter, you will not immediately see much saving, if at all.

As any experienced builder will know, material costs alone are far from the only costs to consider when doing comparisons

How then should we measure the cost of Beam And Block Flooring ?

Should we also consider the installation costs? Are all the costs quantifiable, or are there other benefits that are obvious but difficult to price? Depending on the client’s point of view, what is a saving? Is it that time is a saving, if so is it quantifiable and can it be shown in the Bill of Quantities? Have you considered the reduction in the amount of labour required?

But Price is also intrinsically linked to Value. If something is of no value to you, then presumably, you just want it at the cheapest price possible. But if something is deemed to have value then what are you prepared to pay for it? What makes it of value to you?

Perhaps convenience is the key motivator to your purchase decision. Alternatively Beam and Block could be the only solution to your problem, so the price is immaterial.

Change your thinking by using Beam and Block Slab

One of the keys to trying something different is to be willing to change our way of thinking. If you shift to an expensive tile but still use the bad tiler that laid your cheaper tiles, you have gained nothing.

With Beam and Block, we have an intrinsic saving as well as a seen as well as some that are harder to quantify. Look at the list below, and you will see many benefits, many of which are savings:

*(Items that have a beneficial monetary impact on Beam and Block System = $)

Physical benefits
  • Minimum site preparation $
  • Zero backfills and compaction $
  • No need of shuttering $
  • Batching of concrete is not required. $
  • You do not need additional reinforcement. $
  • Easy to install by owner. $
  • Quick to install. $
  • Requires no specialist labour;
  • It provides a ready and safe working platform immediately upon installation.
  • Provides perfect structure for hanging suspended ceilings.
  • Easy to lay services.  $
  • Zero curing is required;
  • You do not need to Hire concrete mixers and ancillary equipment. $
Other Benefits of Precast Beam and Block
  • We provide value engineering and an engineered solution. $
  • Fixed price / no hidden costs $
  • Cheaper than a conventional slab
  • For small and large projects easily scaled $
  • Perfect for all projects from low income to high end and commercial
  • Ideal for small renovation projects $
  • Perfect for remote supervision sites. For instance, work in Nairobi and building a rural home upcountry home $
  • Planned delivery dates. $
  • No overtime on-site;
  • Delivery nationwide
  • Weather independent $
  • Suitable for black cotton $
  • Ideal for flat roofs $
  • Can replace steel decking. $
  • It reduces site disturbances, noise, and pollution. 
  • Suitable for all types of suspended slabs, including ground floor.
  • Suitable for a variety of civil projects, top of water tanks, bridge decks, tent bases, Guard houses 
  • A good solution for restricted space sites (100 x 50) where plots are is limited.
Product Characteristic benefits
  • Quality product as a factory produced. 
  • It conforms to international standards.
  • Fire resistant 
  • Good noise reduction
  • constructively use polystyrene blocks to improve thermal efficiencies.

At EcoConcrete we know our Beam & Block will save you money, time, and stress compared to the traditional slab. If you use Block & Beam, you will save on many aspects as compared to doing a traditional slab. You might not immediately see the saving in our materials quote. Rest assured, you will see the difference in your costings and in the time taken and the reduced stress that Beam and Block brings. So, go on, make the leap today and call us for a free consultation on how Beam & Block can help you save!

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