Garissa Mixed-use Development using beam and block

Urbanization is recognized all around the world. Cities are growing, changing, and looking spectacular thanks to urbanization. Among Kenyan cities, Garissa is showing enthusiasm toward mixed-use development projects on its territory. More and more projects of this kind are proposed – especially in Garissa town and its environs hence the need for a new technology that will aid in solving issues search as materials theft and transportation to the site.

About the project

Commercial mixed-use buildings have retail or storefront uses on the ground floor and with flats above. The areas of the floor were as follows:

  • Ground floor 506m²
  • First floor 455m²
  • Second floor 455m²
  • Third floor 455m²
  • Fourth floor 455m².

Challenges faced by the client.

Like all new building projects, there were several issues in the mixed-use development client. Transportation, material delays to the site, budget constraints, labour, potential design changes and weather, forced the client to look at systems that could resolve these very real challenges. When these challenges did occur, the client and the construction team on the ground knew that the in-situ casting was no longer a suitable option for the project. They needed a way to make up lost time, reduce the labour on the site and meet the latest, most progressive building codes.

Solutions by Ecoconcrete Kenya.

With no installation and weather dependent restrictions, the B&B flooring system replaced the conventional in-situ slab casting, which allowed the construction party to keep the schedule. It solved clients dilemma’s, saving even more on material, labour and decreasing materials delivery delays to the site. These valuable additions acted as a contingency for the client and the construction manager.


The versatility of the beam and block flooring system provides an impressive cost to value return for our clients. After one day of training, the installation went on with no issues. It was easy to install, scheduling was easy, and the team on site was able to speed things along, decreasing my labour costs and reducing the overall construction cost.

At Ecoconcrete, we offer our clients an efficient and innovative construction technique, highly durable, and affordable.

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