eam and block technology in Narok

Beam and block technology for The Narok Remote Project

When it comes to the Construction Industry, Block and Beam is coming the most suitable, safe and economical construction method to use when you are planning to build your residential house or commercial building. Whether in the city or upcountry, you can use beam and block technology to build cold rooms, underground water tanks just to mention a few.

A few months ago, we were involved with a project in Narok County, where our beam and block technology helped in solving our client’s dilemma.

Client’s Dilemma

The project was in Narok County where the client who is abroad wanted to build a commercial development building. All the funds she used to send to the project manager only to fly back and find out that nothing was ongoing. This put her in a dilemma and didn’t know how to mitigate with the little time she had. So, she decided to take an active role in the construction process to finish all the work and return abroad. Her needs were;

· The functionality of the building

· Safety  and quality of the building

· Completion time of construction process

She learnt about the use of the block and beam flooring concepts through an engineer who was working on her mother’s project in Busia County and decided to adopt the flooring system technology.

Project Details

This project consisted of a first Floor Slab of an area of 205 SM; a 200 mm Thick Slab comprising a commercial building including Shops, Office Suites and Restaurants. The Building is located in midst of Narok town County.

BEAM AND BLOCK TECHNOLOGY – Ecoconcrete Solution

Our client considered this technology because it was fast and easy to install. The Blocks and Beams were delivered on time, and this really saved the client from the hustles of curing the slabs and material theft on site. All she needed was a competent site supervisor and a few unskilled labours. The floor itself became a working platform as soon as it was laid. No shuttering or propping was required. Plumbing and electrical was done upon completion of the building saving time. In few weeks she was ready to fly back abroad as her construction mission was complete!

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