Isiolo Beam and block slab installation

Beam and Block slab in Isiolo Regional Hospital

Construction projects are always going on somewhere in today’s society. They vary in size and scope, ranging from apartments, domestic homes, or even hospitals. Regardless of the scope, shape or size, contractors use concrete which is sometimes difficult to handle even on your best days. The best way to efficiently handle projects and get the job done in the quickest time possible is by using the beam and block slab system.

Projects detail

The client required the ground, first and utility area slabs for the hospital. This project consists of a Ground Floor Slab of 2128 m², the first-floor slab of 2093 m² and a utility area of 330 m².

Client’s dilemma.

In the case of Isiolo regional hospital, while the contractor wanted to use the conventional slab, the beam and block offered him another perspective as he found out he was dealing with black cotton soil, which is a challenging type of soil to build on. Aside from being weak, black cotton soil seems to expand or shrink during the rainy season, causing floor or wall cracks. Beam and block slab system presented as another alternative when it comes to slabs and floors. The Client wanted a system that will:

  • Allow as little soil excavation as possible.
  • A system that will allow for a strong foundation for the hospital project. 
  • Improve the building functionality
  • Safe and cost-efficient.

Beam and block slab as a Solution

The solutions our beam and block system provided included excavating only the trenches for the foundation. To keep water and moisture from entering the space left between the uncompacted soils and the suspended ground slab, they did an external foundation wall with DPC.

Once the materials were on site, everything was ready for installation. With little training from our engineer, workers at the site did the installation in the least time possible. Conduits were installed, screeding was done, and the contractor was free to continue with the construction of the hospital.

Sometimes beam and block slab system is the only way to solved issues on the required site.

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