Beam and block slab installation in Naivasha.

Beam and block slab: high peak Junior project

When it comes to building or expanding schools, there are no shortcuts or at least there should not be one. We strive to deliver value that extends beyond the traditional slab construction method. It applies to every project we are involved with, including the recently finished beam and block slab system installation project for High Peak Junior Academy in Naivasha.

About the project

The high peak junior academy school floor installation project in Naivasha showcases Ecoconcrete Kenya’s ability to go far and beyond to meet our client requirements despite a tight timeline and strict budget. The project was designed in three components, the right-wing, left-wing and front wing.

The right and the left wings area was 346m², while the front wing was 591m². With these dimensions in mind, the installation on our beam and block floor couldn’t have become reality without lots of communication, diligent planning and experience.

 Client dilemma

One of the client’s main goals was to ensure that the project is finished on schedule. Time and money were of the essence. The client wanted to make sure the project doesn’t go over its intended timeline. Because of this, he had to find a flooring solution that can meet and even go beyond his expectations.

Solution by Ecoconcrete Kenya

With the client’s dilemma in mind, we finished the first-floor slab installation project on time, and continue with other aspects of the project. Our system also allows the client to reduce the overall project duration since he is now able to overlap tasks such as plastering and doing the soffit as opposed to traditional slab construction where they could not commence on other tasks unless the slab construction is finished.

Overall, the client will be able to achieve time-saving by the construction and design phases using our beam and block slab system.


This project was a success because of the right preparation, communication, and the client decision to use our system for the flooring. using our system, we were able to finish the flooring installation in time and to meet our client’s expectations.

If you are ready to discuss your upcoming construction project, we will listen, learn and assist with the slab installation. It does not matter if it is the ground, floor or even the rooftop. Tell us about it. Let’s talk about a free quotation today.

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