Case Study – Diani Beach – Residential Housing

Coastal construction, as we may already be aware, is different from inland construction. Although this places valuable areas for investing environment is different from building in an inland area. In general, buildings in coastal areas, such as Diani, are designed and built to withstand more extreme conditions. Nowadays, the issue of global warming, the uncertainty of global weather and the climate change effects indirectly affect the coastal areas exposing it to even more extreme conditions.

About the project,

Right in the heart of Diani Beach, this development design incorporates It features five ensuite bedrooms, kitchen/dining areas, Balconies, lounge, veranda, among other amenities. This ongoing project unique design offers luxurious and superior home living condition in a 197m² ground floor area, and 180M² first-floor area.

Project challenges

When doing the floor planning the client had to need a flooring system that will address some of the issues at the site. Issues such as excessive cost of transportation for raw materials (cement, sand, and Ballast), labour shortage, and material theft. The client also needs a technology that will lower maintenance cost and at the same time improve the lasting performance of the building.

Solution By Ecoconcrete kenya

The use beam and block flooring system from Ecoconcrete Kenya in this case was a wise alternative. By using the system, the client was able to get solutions for the challenges he was facing at the site. Since the system is prefabricated off-site and delivered to the client in Diani, the client won’t need to worry about:

  • Material theft
  • Labour shortage
  • Transportation of material to the site
  • Higher cost of casting the slab
  • Material shortage during slab installation

The client could save both during the construction stages and post-construction stage, as it will take s shorter timeframe to complete the project, and the will low maintenance cost afterwards.


We must accept that building in coastal areas requires more planning, maintenance, and upkeep. By using modern construction technologies such as the B&B technology, will lead to better construction and management of coastal buildings, will save time and money. It will also create more positive awareness of modern construction technologies.ogies.

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