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Beam and Block Staircase
Case Studies

Case Study – Staircase with Beam and block

Beam and block staircases are a great option for anyone who wants a sturdy and versatile staircase that can be customized to their needs and preferences. They are easy to install, maintain, and repair, and they offer excellent performance and durability. If you are interested in using beam and block for your staircase project, contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

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Beam and Block with wall panels
Case Studies

Case Study-Beam and Block with Precast Panels

The construction industry is rapidly changing to meet the needs of modern society, Beam and block precast slab provides a suitable, cost-effective, versatile, and safe way of slab construction.

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Beam and block ground slab installed
Case Studies

Case study ground floor suspended slab

Beam and block allows major savings, especially on black cotton soil. No excavation or backfill, reduced labour, and equipment costs as all can be carried by hand. Reduced materials on-site also minimize security risks on cement and steel stored on site.

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Case Studies

Case Study residential house in Ngong

The beam and block slab is fully suspended and rests on the ground beam, trench excavation for foundation walls only and suspend your slab above the ground. This allows massive savings on excavating and back-filling,

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Case Studies

Case Study-CBC Additional Classes

Ecoconcrete has aided the Government of Kenya to deliver durable and cost-effective CBC classrooms in a timely manner ensuring the learner’s calendar was not compromised in any way.

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Beam and block installation in a remote location
Case Studies

Case Study – Eldoret Multi-Story Building

The use of Beam and Block on multi-story/commercial buildings is an ideal solution that ensures structural integrity. Precast is often stronger than cast-in-place concrete. Not only are they reinforced with steel rebar, but the controlled curing process also ensures that the concrete will set correctly under ideal conditions for maximized strength.

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Beam and block slab
Case Studies


Ecoconcretes dedication to meeting and surpassing your expectation is unmatched. As seen in this case study, the Little Steps Academy’s additional CBC classrooms process went on without a hitch in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way.

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Beam and block on off-plan development
Case Studies


Using beam and block floor slab solution means that there is no need for major excavation and backfill of the site. This minimizes the environmental impact on the surrounding landscape.

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EcoConcrete Beam & Block Videos

Some of our other projects:

  • Nanyuki Municipal Block (2017) -875 SM of ground floor slab
  • Residential House in Kimende (2018-2019)– 2620 SM of Slabs
  • Residential House in Kitengela (2018)- 630 SM of Ground floor and First floor Slabs
  • Residential House in Ruiru (2019)- 421 SM of First floor and terrace
  • Sports Hall for School in Lavington (2019)- 998 SM of Suspended Ground Floor
  • School in Kemende (2018)
  • Cottages in Diani(2018)- 530 SM of First floor and 470 SM of Roof Terrace
  • Mezzanine Floor for Olesereni Hotel Nairobi (2018)- 300 SM
  • Extension of Temple Slab (2019)- 70 SM
  • Residential House Runda (2019)- 260 SM of First floor slab
  • Nest, Mother and Babies (2019) -461 SM of suspended ground floor slab
  • Residential House in Karen (2019)- 867 SM of slabs
  • Godown in Industrial Area (2020) – 340 SM of slabs
  • Residential House in Kwale (2020)- 785 SM of slabs
  • Septic Tank in karen(2021) – 34M² of slab
  • Kanninie mashion in Mlolongo(2021) – 602M² of ground slab
  • Dan Thiongo residential house in Juja House (2021) – 139M² of slab
  • Macways Supplies (2021) 320M² of slab
  • Jyoti Hardware Extension (2021) – 499M² of slab
  • Isiolo Reginal Hospital (2021) – 1965M² of slab
  • Utawala Apartments (2021) – 168M² of slab
  • Joska Apartments (2021) – 485M² of slab
  • Garissa Mixed development (2021) – 453M² of slab
  • AIPCA Dandora first floor installation (2021) – 300M² of slab
  • Queen of apostles Roof Slab (2019) – 625 SM of Roof Slab
  • Apartment in Konza City (2019-2020) – 839 SM of slab.

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