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Villas in Rosslyn Valley

Two Villas in Rosslyn Valley, Nairobi. Two times 130 sqm first floors were installed and our team provided the client with Free Value Engineering, Engineering Drawings, On-Site Technical Support during the installation.  

“I used the beam and block flooring and found it easy and hassle free. I saved so much time because of the simplicity of installation and by not having to worry about shuttering or waiting for curing. It was just installed and I moved on with the build. It was ideal for my project.“
Paul M.​
Property Developer
Engineering Drawings
Case Studies

creating additional space in your home using beam and block

Almost everyone could use a little additional space in their homes. Using prefab materials the precast beam and block technology, our clients have been able to achieve what they want. Such was the case with this project we did in Karura, Kabete area.

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Case Studies

beam and block system: A family house in ngong.

Who among us doesn’t want to own a home? We all have that dream, but when it comes to those who live abroad, the procedure might be long and tiring, depending on time and cost. There is also a risk of losing their saving if they don’t have the right people for the job. That’s why it is important to get it right from the word go.

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Case Studies

beam and block in Diani: a case study

The use of our precast beam and block system eliminated the need for the client to use Makuti for his roof. The precast beams together with the infill blocks, incorporated in the design of the house, will help to maintain the construction timeline. After witnessing the installation of another floor and feeling satisfied with the results. The developer is now using our beam and block flooring system in this and other construction projects in Diani. 

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Precast beam and block flooring system
Case Studies

Precast beam and block flooring for schools

Precast construction for learning institutions is a trend on the rise. The use of precast components for all sorts of commercial projects has increased leaps and bounds for many reasons. These are the same rea learned by administrators and builders planning new schools. We are proud to highlight the use of beam and block technology for the canteen extension at the German School Nairobi.

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Case Studies

Precast beam and block: solution for multi-storey buildings

Standard apartments are becoming a requirement for many residents in Kenya, especially in Nairobi and its surrounding. The plan for building multi-storey apartments is a win-win situation both for the owner and the tenants. The owner makes more money from their project, and the tenants get affordable housing near Nairobi. Precast beam and block for multi-storey apartments has many benefits. This article assesses a multi-storey apartment building in Juja specifying our technology as a solution.

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Multi-storey residential apartment in Muchatha
Case Studies


Today’s case study is of a Multi-storey residential housing in Muchatha, in Kiambu county. This is a relatively large development from our engineer with whom we have done several projects. The project is ongoing and we were given the opportunity to supply our beam and block flooring system for the project.

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Case Studies

Tank cover using beam and block

For elevated water tanks, the most suitable base recommended is a solid concrete, flat surface. Given the importance of where your tank will be placed, it may be worth considering getting help from experience concrete floor contractors such as EcoConcrete Kenya to ensure you get the best base solution possible.

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Case Studies

Beam & block for school halls: a case study

Beam and Block Slab Systems is an example of how an outstanding hybrid slab solution that delivers additional customer benefits. The first acoustic insulation, combined with thermal and noise reduction in a single solution, makes it an ideal solution for school halls.

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beam and block
Case Studies

concrete slab technology: AIPCA Dandora School

Schools are among the most significant structures in any community. These structures are a necessity for the younger generation as well as for the staff that work here.Hence the need for a safe, secure place where teachers can teach, pupils can learn and grow and others in the compound enjoy working. Without up-to-date building, learning can be interrupted or slowed, and this is where our beam and block technology comes in.

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Case Studies

Lack of storage space on the site: LESSONS FROM A PROJECT

In building a muiltistorey building, the client meets a number of challenges. The challenge can include finding the right contractors and suppliers, material storage and other issues. For our client in Dagorretti, we helped solve the issue of material storage since our system can be installed as soon as they reach the site.

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PCEA Kimende School Project
Case Studies

Fast Track your construction: Kimende school Case Study

Globally, buildings provide multiple functions. From residential to commercial such as learning institutions, innovation plays a significant role in fast tracking developments. Beam and block technology impact is traceable and also its direct and indirect

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Cold storage facility
Case Studies


Beam and Block is the traditional solution for cost-effective suspended floors. It is suitable for use on the ground and upper floors on all projects, including cold storage facilities. Our next case study features a cold storage facility we ere involved with a while back.

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Precast beam and block installation
Case Studies

Precast Beam and Block for Residential Houses

Ecoconcrete have been operating in the structural building market for years. During that time they have pioneered product development and increased their product range to include beam and block slab technology. Ecoconcrete was asked to provide a beam and block flooring solution for a residential house in Ruiru, Kiambu county and the results were amazing.

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Septic Tank system
Case Studies

Septic tank slab using beam and block technology

Septic system slab and size vary widely, due to a combination of factors such as soil type, site slope, lot size, proximity to sensitive water bodies, weather conditions, or even local regulations. Below is a case study of constructing a septic tank cover using the beam and block technology.

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eam and block technology in Narok
Case Studies

Beam and block technology for The Narok Remote Project

Block and Beam is coming the most suitable, safe and economical construction method to use when you are planning to build your residential house or commercial building. Whether in the city or upcountry, you can use beam and block technology to build cold rooms, underground water tanks among other proje

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Case Studies

Beam and Block System —Value Engineering

Whether you are renovating or building a new home, it is important to always choose roofing materials that are sustainable, durable, low maintenance and one that will protect your valuables. This is where the beam and block system comes in.

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Case Studies

Beam & Block System – Black Cotton Soil

The problems when starting the Footing of you building projects in Black cotton soil are huge. the shrinkage and swelling characteristics of this type of soil makes things even more difficult. How does beam and block slab system help you mitigate through its effects?

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EcoConcrete Beam & Block Videos

Some of our other projects:

  • Nanyuki Municipal Block (2017) -875 SM of ground floor slab
  • Residential House in Kimende (2018-2019)– 2620 SM of Slabs
  • Residential House in Kitengela (2018)- 630 SM of Ground floor and First floor Slabs
  • Residential House in Ruiru (2019)- 421 SM of First floor and terrace
  • Sports Hall for School in Lavington (2019)- 998 SM of Suspended Ground Floor
  • School in Kemende (2018)
  • Cottages in Diani(2018)- 530 SM of First floor and 470 SM of Roof Terrace
  • Mezzanine Floor for Olesereni Hotel Nairobi (2018)- 300 SM
  • Extension of Temple Slab (2019)- 70 SM
  • Residential House Runda (2019)- 260 SM of First floor slab
  • Nest, Mother and Babies (2019) -461 SM of suspended ground floor slab
  • Residential House in Karen (2019)- 867 SM of slabs
  • Godown in Industrial Area (2020) – 340 SM of slabs
  • Residential House in Kwale (2020)- 785 SM of slabs
  • Septic Tank in karen(2021) – 34M² of slab
  • Kanninie mashion in Mlolongo(2021) – 602M² of ground slab
  • Dan Thiongo residential house in Juja House (2021) – 139M² of slab
  • Macways Supplies (2021) 320M² of slab
  • Jyoti Hardware Extension (2021) – 499M² of slab
  • Isiolo Reginal Hospital (2021) – 1965M² of slab
  • Utawala Apartments (2021) – 168M² of slab
  • Joska Apartments (2021) – 485M² of slab
  • Garissa Mixed development (2021) – 453M² of slab
  • AIPCA Dandora first floor installation (2021) – 300M² of slab
  • Queen of apostles Roof Slab (2019) – 625 SM of Roof Slab
  • Apartment in Konza City (2019-2020) – 839 SM of slab.

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