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beam and block in Diani: a case study

The use of our precast beam and block system eliminated the need for the client to use Makuti for his roof. The precast beams together with the infill blocks, incorporated in the design of the house, will help to maintain the construction timeline. After witnessing the installation of another floor and feeling satisfied with the results. The developer is now using our beam and block flooring system in this and other construction projects in Diani. 

Precast concrete slab


How strong is the beam and block flooring system? In short, it is strong. The answer lies in both the tensile and compression strength and the curing process. Because our products are manufactured at our production yard, challenges that can affect the quality of our products during productions are avoided. The strictly controlled environment allows us to avoid these challenges, the most obvious ones being the temperature and weather.

Precast beam and block flooring system

Precast beam and block flooring for schools

Precast construction for learning institutions is a trend on the rise. The use of precast components for all sorts of commercial projects has increased leaps and bounds for many reasons. These are the same rea learned by administrators and builders planning new schools. We are proud to highlight the use of beam and block technology for the canteen extension at the German School Nairobi.

How to get a quotation

how to get a quotation: 5 Key Factors we consider

Getting a quotation for your project is one of the most essential processes when planning a project. Your project cost estimate consists of all expenditures, including site preparation, getting plans, and approvals, constructing and landscaping and finishing touches, which means the client can utilize this important aspect of construction from the initial stages of the project until the end. The procedure is almost the same when seeking a quotation for your floor as it is part of your construction project.

Precast beam and block: solution for multi-storey buildings

Standard apartments are becoming a requirement for many residents in Kenya, especially in Nairobi and its surrounding. The plan for building multi-storey apartments is a win-win situation both for the owner and the tenants. The owner makes more money from their project, and the tenants get affordable housing near Nairobi. Precast beam and block for multi-storey apartments has many benefits. This article assesses a multi-storey apartment building in Juja specifying our technology as a solution.

Eco-friendly construction

is the beam and block an eco-friendly construction component?

We have recently been getting a lot of questions on our Facebook page whether our beam and block flooring system is eco-friendly construction technology. the inquiries have since inspired this post., So here it goes: Eco-friendly, especially in the housing sector is a wide topic. However, the industry is starting to recognise and change its …

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Tank cover using beam and block

For elevated water tanks, the most suitable base recommended is a solid concrete, flat surface. Given the importance of where your tank will be placed, it may be worth considering getting help from experience concrete floor contractors such as EcoConcrete Kenya to ensure you get the best base solution possible.